NEO: The World Ends With You

Almost every gameplay mechanic in NEO: The World Ends With You is a little unconventional. From combat to exploration, nothing feels like other JRPGs on the market, so only players coming in with an open mind will be able to appreciate the innovation the game brings to the genre.

Among the unique mechanics that power the game is the Social Network skill tree, which allows players to unlock a variety of skills if they manage to make connections between the different characters that populate Shibuya. Here are the best skills you should unlock as quickly as possible.

Best Skills to Unlock in NEO: The World Ends With You

Unlocking Skills

Unlocking skills in the Social Network requires Friendship Points, which are obtained in a variety of ways, such as completing side quests, and winning Dive battles. To unlock any specific skill you will also need to make a connection to the person that has the skill, something that is usually done by simply progressing the story or completing side quests.

Best Skills to Unlock

Hard and Ultimate Difficulty

While you may find NEO: The World Ends With You challenging enough on Normal difficulty, you should try to unlock Hard difficulty as quickly as possible. Granted by Minamimoto for 3 FP from Week 1, Day 4, playing at Hard will allow you to obtain different Pins from Noise as drops in combat.

Ultimate difficulty should be unlocked for the same reason, only that you won’t be able to do so until the end of the game. This skill is granted by Joshua for 8 FP and it is available only once you have completed Week 3, Final Day’.

Uber Pin Unlock

The Uber Pin Unlock skills are extremely useful as they allow you to equip more than a single Uber Pin. The characters that grant these skills are Fuya, Kanon, Susukichi, Shiba, Go Modoriyama, and Taka the Handyman. You need 6 FP to unlock a single skill.

Chain Extender

The Chain Extender skills allow you to chain more battles, which increases drop rate considerably and multiplies the obtained Pin Points. These skills are granted by Tanzo Kubo, Tsukihime, and Seiji-of-Some-Trades, and they can be unlocked with 4 FP each.

Dive Extension

The Dive Extension skills, granted by Miss Banks and It-Boy Kakishi, increase the time limit in Dive battles, making it easier to get a Gold evaluation at the end. These skills require 3 FP each to unlock.

Bossy Noise

The Bossy Noise skill is a required skill if you are looking into obtaining all of the Secret Reports, as you will have to defeat these special Noise to get some of them. This skill is granted by Hazuki Mikagi, costs 5 FP to unlock, and can be unlocked only after completing Week 3, Final Day ”.

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