NEO: The World Ends With You

In NEO: The World Ends With You, Pins are everything, as it’s thanks to these colorful items that Rindo and his friends can unleash a variety of special attacks called Psychs and survive their close encounters with the Noise. These Pins can also be leveled, improving their stats and allowing some of them to evolve to different Pins that are generally more powerful and useful than their previous form.

To level up Pins, you need to obtain Pin Points. Here’s how to farm them effectively.

How to Farm Pin Points in NEO: The World Ends With You

Pin Points, PP for short, are obtained by winning battles against the Noise. At the end of each battle, your performance will be ranked from E to Star, and the amount of PP you get will depend on the rank you have obtained. Getting the Star rank should be your priority, as it will increase the Pin Points obtained by 1.5.

RankPin Points Multiplier

The number of Pin Points obtained at the end of battle also changes depending on the number of Reductions you have fought. Every Reduction fought increases the multiplier by 0.1, so you should try to chain as many battles as you can to get as many PP as possible. Chain battles, however, are more difficult than regular encounters, as you are not healed between rounds, so make sure you can make it to the end of one before attempting to farm PP this way. You can also drop the difficulty to Easy if you need to farm PP quickly, as the difficulty level doesn’t influence the amount you get.

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