Best Ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise


One Piece Treasure Cruise is an interesting game based on the One Piece anime and manga. In this game, you have to assemble a strong team of pirates and fight against different opponents in different game modes. From a vast number of characters, you can create various pirate teams, as some pirates have excellent captaining abilities, while others will become suitable supports. But to make your team even stronger, you need to choose a good ship, and today we will talk about the best of them.

Best Ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise

Picking a good ship is an integral part of the One Piece Treasure Cruise gameplay, as ships provide your team with good bonuses and buffs, and during the battle, this will come in handy.

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There are many ships in the game One Piece Treasure Cruise, and all of them will be useful at different stages of the game, but for comfortable gameplay, you should use the best ships.
Top 10 Best Ships - One Piece Treasure Cruise - YouTube

One Piece Treasure Cruise Best Ships

ShipShip Ability
ZuneshaPowerhouse and Cerebral characters: ATK x1.55; HP x1.25; Makes their TND and RCV orbs beneficial, and makes it easier for them to hit PERFECTs.
HoeAt the start of a match, the cooldown is reduced by 1; ATK x1.5; Exp x1.75.
Moby DickATK x1.5; HP x1.4; Reduces HP by 50% at the start of the battle.
Flying DutchmanATK x1.5; Exp x1.5; Special reduces the DEF of all enemies by 25% for 1 turn.
Revolutionary Army BlackbirdsAt the start of a match, the cooldown is reduced by 1; HP x1.2. STR/DEX/QCK characters: ATK x1.55 if your team has STR, DEX, and QCK characters.
Germa 66 ShipIf you have all 5 color types in your crew: reduce the CD of all characters by 2 at the start of battle; ATK x1.55; HP x1.25; if you have RCV or TND orb – additional ATK x1.1.
Sexy FoxyThe best ship for farming Beli. ATK x1.5; Exp x1.2; Belix2.

Finally, we add that during in-game events, even the worst ship can get boosts and become the best. There are a lot of events, so if you play during the events, you should be careful to use the ship that will bring you the maximum benefit.

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Best Ships in One Piece Treasure Cruise


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