Best Settings for Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

All of the sports included in Nintendo Switch Sports are relatively straightforward, but this doesn’t mean that the game does not feature any sort of customization option to make them even more enjoyable.

While which settings are the best is debatable, there are some which are unarguably preferred over others. Here are the best settings to use in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Best Settings for Nintendo Switch Sports

The Nintendo Switch Sports User Settings menu is divided into three different sections – Dominant Hand/Leg, Pro League Settings, and Other.

The Dominant Hand/Leg Settings allow you to choose your dominant hand and leg, so you should pick yours to enjoy Nintendo Switch Sports the best. There are individual settings for each sport, so if you feel more comfortable playing with your other hand in certain sports, you can choose to do so as well.

The Pro League Settings affect the online Pro League mode, and they become available only after you get the Pro League certification in at least one sport. With the settings available in this menu, you can choose to take a break from the Pro League, and make it so that your standing in the ranks won’t be affected by your next matches.

The Other Settings include settings for the Camera and Minimap as well as for Stamp Display. We suggest you leave them as they are, so Normal for Camera U/D and L/R and Rotating for the Minimap. For Stamp Display, you can pick either, but if you feel like displaying stamps distracts you during games, you can turn it off and never have to worry about them ever again.

Nintendo Switch Sports also features an alternate color mode that changes the colors slightly to make the experience more comfortable for those players with color blindness. Only turn this on if you are, as it brings no improvement whatsoever for those who are not color blind.

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Best Settings for Nintendo Switch Sports


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