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Best Relics in Honkai Star Rail

Best Relics in Honkai Star Rail
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One of the many amazing features in the space fantasy RPG, Honkai Star Rail, are Relics. These items are shard-like resources used to boost your character’s base stats. There are different types of Relics that can be equipped, but which are the best Relic in the game? Read on to find out all about the different Relics in Honkai Star Rail.

All Relics in Honkai Star Rail

Relics are equipped via the Character Menu, and what you choose really depends on which character you choose and what stats you want to boost. There are six different types of Relic in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Head – HP
  • Hands – ATK
  • Body – DEF
  • Feet – %ATK / %DEF / %HP / SPD
  • Planar Sphere – %ATK / %DEF / %HP / Elemental DMG Bonus
  • Link Rope – %HP / %ATK / %DEF / %Break Effect / %Energy Regen Rate
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There are 20 sets of relics and each gives bonuses that depend on how many pieces are equipped. Between 2 and 4 pieces can be equipped and it is up to you which stats you want to boost.

Relic2 Pieces Equipped4 Pieces Equipped
Band of Sizzling Thunder+10% Lightning ATK+25% ATK for 1 Turn
Celestial Differentiator+20% ATK plus PointsN/A
Belobog of the Architects+15% DEFN/A
Champion of Streetwise Boxing+10% Physical DMG+5% DMG after Hit
Eagle of Twilight Line+10% Wind DMG+25% extra Ultimate after Hit
Firesmith of Lava-Forging+10% Fire DMG +12% Fire DMG after Ultimate
Fleet of the Ageless+12% HPN/A
Genius of Brilliant Stars +10% Quantum DMGIgnores 25% of Enemy DEF
Guard of Wuthering Snow+8% DMG Protection+8% HP when <50%
Hunter of Glacial Forest+10% Ice DMG+25% CRIT DMG after Ultimate
Inert Salsotto+8% CRIT ATKN/A
Knight of Purity Palace+12% DEF+20% Shield
Musketeer of Wild Wheat+10% ATK+6% Agility and +10% DMG
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise+10% Effect HitN/A
Passerby of Wandering Cloud+10% Outgoing Healing+1 Skill Point at start
Space Sealing Station+12% ATKN/A
Sprightly Vonwacq+5% Energy Regen RateN/A
Talia: Kingdom of Banditry+20% Break EffectN/A
Thief of Shooting Meteor+20% Break Effect+3 Point Regen
Wastelander of Banditry Desert+ 10% Incendiary Damage+ 20% Crit DMG

How to Unlock Relics in Honkai Star Rail

Relics are unlocked after reaching Trailblazer level 15 as you complete most of the main story about Jarilo VI. Relic sets can then be farmed through Caverns of Corrosion. The caverns are unlocked during the exploration of the Trailblaze Mission Chapter 1: Jarilo VI Pt 2 (The Stars are Cold Toys.) This quest requires you to be at level 24, so be ready to grind out levels before getting to this part!

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Best Relics in Honkai Star Rail


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