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Best Ragnarok Origin Sage Build

Best Ragnarok Origin Sage Build
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As a Mage in Ragnarok Origin, your job is to be a strong attacker with magical abilities. This is one of the most powerful classes in the game, and it allows you to choose the path to Wizard and High Wizard, or Sage and Professor. If you are looking to eventually become a Sage and the Professor, it is important to know where to allocate your skill points.

In this guide, you can find some super helpful hints and tips on the best Ragnarok Origin Sage skill build to make your character the best it can be.

How to create the best Sage build in Ragnarok Origin

Once you have completed the tutorial and learned some basic skills as an adventurer, it is time to choose your path. This is a big decision, and your choice really depends on your personal playstyle and if you prefer to play solo or with friends (or both!)

If you are hoping to become a Sage and the Professor, here are some skill build suggestions for you to try.

Mage to Sage to Professor best skill build

The Mage is your first job, which puts you as the team’s magical attacker, a soft defense role but a decent ranged fighter. As you level up, you choose the second job of Sage, then finally Professor. For that path, you should equip your best magical items and boost your INT and DEX the most.

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Sage skill build

You need to distribute at least 40 Skill Points in each job before moving onto the next. More points can be spent wherever you want, but there are some skills that might be more important than others, so those are laid out below. You can choose different builds to create presets, and name them whatever you like.

via GRAVITY co. Ltd

We recommend the following skill chains for each of your chosen build:

  • Bolt Build:
    • Job 1: Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Zen Heart;
    • Job 2: Study > Dragonology > Double Bolt plus Magic Rod and Absorb Magic. Also Volcano, Deluge, Whirlwind, and Add Element. Earth Spike skill path is very useful as well;
    • Job 3: Mind Breaker, Understanding, and Psychic Wave.

Gearing up with items that boost your Magic Attack, such as the Source Magic Book, and your Magic Defense, like the Rider Insignia, also helps significantly.

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How to level up in Ragnarok Origin

Get more Attribute Points to spend on stats by leveling up as much as possible. You can level up quickly by doing any and all of the following:

  • Quests: do any of your Daily Quests that reward you with EXP, take part in Story Quests, Side Quests and Adventure Quests as they award EXP even when you are fatigued;
  • AFK Grinding: grind until your Combat Time has run out to earn EXP. This could be done before doing some of the questing, as your character will be fatigued after hours of grinding, but it is still available to do some side quests.

If you still need some help understanding how to play and progress in Ragnarok Origin, check out our dedicated section.

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Best Ragnarok Origin Sage Build


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