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Best Ragnarok Origin Champion Build

Best Ragnarok Origin Champion Build
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So, you have chosen your dream role, built the class of your character up, and are now ready to create a champion in Ragnarok Origin. Many of the classes can become a champion but to get there you will need to get the right build together. This means building certain stats, advancing certain skills, and acquiring some of the best equipment so your character will have high attack speed, high damage, and high critical hits. Let’s explore a decent general build for your Ragnarok Origin hero from stats to equipment.

Building a Champion in Ragnarok Origin

To build a decent champion in Ragnarok Origin, you will be looking to build attack speed, damage, and increase critical hits. With the suggested build below you will gain all of those boosts using buffed stats and getting hold of some fierce equipment like armor, shield, and accessories.

Recommended Equipment for a Champion Build

  • Headgear: Apple of Archer (dexterity boost)
  • Armor: Elemental Armor (defense, of course)
  • Garment: Nydhorgg’s Shadow Gard (element resistance)
  • Footgear: Sleipnir (HP boost + recovery)
  • Weapon: Infiltrator (increases damage)
  • Shield: Valkyrie Shield (reduces damage taken)
  • Accessories: Ring of Flame Lord or Ring of Resonance
Image via Gravity Co. Ltd

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Recommended Stats Build for a Champion

Build stats to focus on Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Dexterity as you can see below.

  • STR: 90-120
  • AGI: 90-120
  • VIT: 90-120
  • DEX: 90-120
  • INT: 1-30
  • LUK: 1-30

Recommended Skills Build for a Champion

You can get Root and Investigate to level 5+ but it is recommended that you max out the following skills:

  • Guillotine Fist (for high damage)
  • Asura Strike (for high damage)
  • Iron Fist (for attack power)
  • Raging Thrust (for area damage)
  • Critical Explosion (for critical hit rate)

It will take some time to build your hero up and gain all the equipment but the hard work will be worth it! Soon you will have an unstoppable champion ready to take on anything thrown at them in Ragnarok Origin.

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Best Ragnarok Origin Champion Build