Best PvP Bloodlines in Shindo Life


In Shindo Life, you can opt for your character’s bloodline. Bloodline is like blood type in real life. In the game, every bloodline type has its own characteristics and perks that it gives to your character. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between bloodlines in Shindo Life. Some of them really sharply change your game, making it easier and contributing to your power a lot. At the same time, others just make no sense to you.

The Best Bloodline in Shindo Life

One of the strongest bloodlines in Shindo Life is Minakaze. This bloodline has very strong attacks. Additionally, the bloodline has one of the best modes in the game. However, this mode has only one form. Generally, if you target your opponent with Minakaze, it will have no chance to stay alive. So, here are its skills:

  1. Teleport. It transports your character at a medium-range and costs 5000 CHI. Using this skill is too expensive, you have to use it only if it is extremely needed.
  2. By clicking R, you activate the second skill. It makes your hands electric and instantly moves your character to an enemy, dealing extremely big damage
  3. By pressing Q, you get into a block. If the enemy tries to attack while you are standing in a block, it receives nearly 50000 damage.
  4. By pressing Q+C, your character begins to levitate in the sky and instantly strikes a massive electric fist on the ground. Additionally, this attack freezes your opponent so that it can’t move.

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Best PvP Bloodlines in Shindo Life


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