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Best Psychic Units in Pokemon Stadium

Best Psychic Units in Pokemon Stadium
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Psychic Pokemon have always had a certain mysterious aura about them. They are powerful but certainly not as scary as gym leader Sabrina made them out to be. If anything, they, like she was, are just misunderstood. Pokemon Stadium has a good chunk of Psychic types to choose from, with some that may surprise you. These are the best Psychic units in Pokemon Stadium.


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Starmie from Pokemon
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Few are aware that Starmie is a Water and Psychic because it’s a Pokemon that tends to go under the radar. Despite this, it’s a powerful unit with high defense, special attack, and speed. They provide the speed power that Slowbro cannot. Depending on the game mode, Starmie can use Thunder, giving it an advantage against other Water types.


Alakazam from Pokemon
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You can’t go wrong when it comes to Alakazam. As the most powerful pure Psychic type in the game, they are your number one counter against Fighting and Poison types. They have high speed and special attack and with moves like Psybeam, they will be quick to knock out any enemy. Alakazam is strong, classic and to the point as a DPS.


Exeggutor from Pokemon
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Exeggutor is an excellent (pun not intended) choice because as a Grass type normally it would take damage from Poison types. However, being part Psychic, it will take significantly less damage from Poison attacks. They have some fantastic Grass moves like Mega Drain and Stun Spore. These allow it to sustain itself and to do status debuffs, making it a very useful ally.


Slowbro from Pokemon
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The tankiest Psychic unit in the game is definitely Slowbro. Thanks to its high defense, most attacks will bounce off it. The move withdraw will greatly boost this power. Therefore, Slowbro is excellent for late game difficult gyms with long battles. Their endurance makes them a priceless battler. They can also use the powerful DPS moves Surf and Psychic. With a well-rounded move set and self-sustaining power, Slowbro is the ultimate.

Psychic Pokemon are powerful, mystical, and will carry you far in Pokemon Stadium.

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Best Psychic Units in Pokemon Stadium


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