Best Pokemon to Use Against Iron Leaves in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Raid Event

iron leaves from pokemon violet

The February 27th Pokemon direct was an exciting time full of fun announcements, but none were as exciting as the ones revealing Iron Leaves and Walking Wake. They are Paradox Pokemon based on futuristic and past versions of Virizion and Suicune, matching the lore of each game. Today, we’ll focus on how to battle Iron Leaves as a 5-star raid boss in Pokemon Violet. Despite being in the middle as far as difficulty goes, Iron Leaves is still a very tricky enemy to face. These are the best Pokemon to use against Iron Leaves in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Raid event.

How To Counter Iron Leaves

By itself, Iron Leaves is a dual Grass and Psychic type. When it Tera evolves in a Raid, it will be a Psychic type. Therefore, the best thing to bring here is Dark, Fire and Ghost type Pokemon. Bug Pokemon may also work really well since they will not take as much damage from Iron Leaves’s Grass attacks. Some Bug types can even learn Psychic type moves and will also resist Grass.


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If you started the game with Fuecoco, you are absolutely in luck, because Skeledirge is one of the best counters for this battle. As a Ghost and Fire type with a Fire Tera type, they have the perfect setup to easily beat Iron Leaves. Their Fire typing means they won’t take damage from Grass attacks or Psychic moves thanks to their Ghost typing. Moves like Shadow Ball and Phantom Force will work perfectly here.


Did you start the game with Sprigatito instead? They will work just as well here since its final form Meowscarada is part Dark type, making it able to take minimal damage from Iron Leaves’s Psychic attacks. You can counter it with moves like Dark Pulse or Night Slash. All of the Paldea starters evolve into their final forms at level 36.


Another good option is a Venomoth. Bug types take less damage from Grass types and Venomoth in particular can learn Psychic and Zen Headbutt. Do be careful with this one, as it may take extra damage from Psychic attacks because of its Poison typing. Venonat evolves into Venomoth at level 31.


Gholdengo from Pokemon.

One of the non-negotiable Pokemon that you should raise that will be helpful for this fight is a Gholdengo. Their Steel typing makes them universally tanky and their Ghost typing gives them an extra advantage against Iron Leaves’s Tera type. You can use moves such as Night Shade and Shadow Ball. To evolve a Gimminghoul into Gholdengo, you need to collect 999 Gimminghoul coins and then level it up.


The next one has a perfect setup just like Skeledirge but it is readily available in the game. Houndoom is a Dark and Fire type, meaning you can use it to counter both the enemy’s regular Grass typing and Psychic typing. Some moves that will be helpful are Crunch, Dark Pulse and Fire Blast. You can find Houndour at the Inlet Grotto, where you rescue the legendary Pokemon at the beginning of the game.

By using these Pokemon, you’ll have no issues battling Iron Leaves! You can find them in 5 star raids in Pokemon Violet today! If you have Nintendo Switch Online, you can also run into one if you participate in someone’s Raid as a Scarlet player. Iron Leaves is only in raids until March 12th, so do it today!

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Best Pokemon to Use Against Iron Leaves in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Raid Event


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