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Best PC Settings for The Callisto Protocol to Fix Stuttering and Performance

Best PC Settings for The Callisto Protocol to Fix Stuttering and Performance
Image via Striking Distance Studios

The Callisto Protocol is a gorgeous horror game inspired by Dead Space. It features stunning graphics with life-like character models and jaw-dropping environmental details. With the implementation of these graphics, however, comes one of its biggest downfalls: stuttering issues.

The constant stuttering makes this game borderline unplayable in some systems, inevitably leading to its primarily negative reviews. You can play around with some settings to lessen the stutters, but they will not completely disappear. Let’s talk about what settings you need to change to get a somewhat better experience from The Callisto Protocol.

The best settings to reduce stutters in The Callisto Protocol

Jacob Lee up close in The Callisto Protocol
Image via Striking Distance Studios

These settings may affect your gaming experience differently, since all of us have a unique PC configuration. However, with these settings, we found a noticeable improvement in The Callisto Protocol‘s frame pacing. Remember that you must set all these options in the main menu, as you can not change graphical settings once you have loaded the game.

Framerate Limit60 (Setting it to higher will only make stutters more noticeable)
UpscalingAMD FSR 2 (No DLSS implementation)
FSR 2 Quality ModePerformance
Motion BlurDisabled
Depth of FieldDisabled

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There is no perfect way to fix the horrible stuttering in The Callisto Protocol unless the developers release patches dedicated to tackling that. It’s a shame, because the game looks fantastic and is enjoyable, but the stuttering may ruin the experience completely.

What causes the stuttering in The Callisto Protocol?

Men hanging with a rope around their neck, with a red-orange gradient backlight
Image via Striking Distance Studios

Like Gotham Knights, The Callisto Protocol suffers from stuttering due to the shader compilation that constantly happens in the game. Shader compilation occurs whenever a new scene or effect starts. If you’ve played The Callisto Protocol, your next playthrough would most likely be stutter-free, considering that the game has compiled every shader.

The developers could also go with Horizon Zero Dawn’s approach of precompiling the shaders in the main menu before you can even load up a new game. Hopefully, we will get an immediate patch as soon as possible to give us the best possible experience.

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Best PC Settings for The Callisto Protocol to Fix Stuttering and Performance


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