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Best PC Keybinds and Controls for Fortnite

Best PC Keybinds and Controls for Fortnite
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Fortnite stood the test of time when battle royale games were the most played genre in online gaming. It gave the battle royale category a run for its money when Fortnite introduced its “building” mechanic, as it gave the game a much higher skill ceiling. 

As building covers and towers are its main selling point, we established the best and most optimized keybinds and controls for Fortnite. All these are beginner-friendly and will make your experience more seamless even while in an intense 1v1 battle.

Top Keybinds and Controls for Fortnite

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Creating and editing your builds in Fortnite is the key to outplaying any aim-god players. Whether transitioning from a controller to a standard MKB or a seasoned player looking for a new control scheme, you will benefit from the settings below. 

If you don’t see a particular setting, then it means that you can leave it as default, or you can bind it to any button of your liking.


Crouch while buildingLeft Ctrl
WallThumb Mouse Button 2
StairsThumb Mouse Button 1
Place BuildingLeft Mouse Button
Rotate BuildingR
Change Building MaterialRight Mouse Button
Building EditE or Mouse Wheel Down
Select Building EditLeft Mouse Button
Reset Building EditRight Mouse Button

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Harvesting Tool1
Weapon Slot 12
Weapon Slot 2B
Weapon Slot 33
Weapon Slot 44
Weapon Slot 5F

All of these settings aim to be as optimized as possible, so you have minimal finger travel time when building and switching weapons. If you want to have your personal keybindings, we highly encourage you to bind keys within your finger’s line of motion. This trick in keybinding will make it more seamless to transition from one action to another or what we gamers call A.P.M.

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Best PC Keybinds and Controls for Fortnite


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