Best Partners To Pick in Digimon World: Next Order

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Digimon World Next Order has a lot of different types of Digimon, but the system for getting them is a little tricky because it’s based on stats requirements. Certain partners will evolve into certain lines, so you’ll want to pick an infant Digimon based on that. Do note that it might take a few cycles for you to get a good Digimon out of a line. For the best basics however, these are the best partners to pick in Digimon World: Next Order.

How Evolution Works In Next Order

The way the evolution system works in the game may seem random at first, but it actually isn’t. The World games have players heavily focus on raising a Digimon properly, i.e., feeding it, exercising it, making sure it gets to a bathroom in time. As you progress throughout the game, you will unlock better means of providing for your Digimon, allowing them to have better stats and evolve into more appealing forms. Poorly raised Digimon will evolve into Numemon.


You can’t go wrong picking Botamon because of its vanilla lines. They evolve into Koromon, which can become Veemon, Shoutmon, Agumon or its relatives ToyAgumon and Black Agumon. These are all pretty safe bets who have good evolution lines. If you are a new player, you’ll most likely get Black Agumon or ToyAgumon first, since the popular digimon are harder to get the stats for.


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Motimon from Digimon

If you like Digimon with a more unique appearance, you’ll want to pick Pabumon’s egg. It will evolve into Motimon, who can be become Hagurumon, Gotsumon, Tentomon, Hackmon or Wormmon. Do be aware that Gotsumon can become Nanimon though…


Anyone who wants a cute Digmon should definitely pick YukimiBotamon, which evolves into Nyaromon. Lines include Renamon, Plotmon, Lucemon, Biyomon, and SnowAgumon. Lucemon’s main line is especially strong.


Those who love edgy Digimon should consider picking Tsumemon, who evolves into Kuramon. Potential partners include Tsukaimon, Black ToyAgumon, Black Gabumon, Keramon and Black Agumon. The main goal here should be getting Keramon, who eventually can evolve into the powerful Diaboromon.

The stronger you get, the more Digimon forms you will unlock in Next Order. The classic game has just been ported to PC, so go check it out today if you enjoy the World games!

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Best Partners To Pick in Digimon World: Next Order


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