Best Online Quizzes Games to Play With Friends on Android in 2022

Best Online Quizzes Games to Play With Friends on Android in 2022

Would you like to test your cultural knowledge, try to hit the jackpot and become a millionaire, or just find out how good you are at logos and brands? Then you should play the online quizzes that we have prepared for you in this article!

The Best Online Quizzes to Play With Friends on Android and IOS

It can be logos and brands, films, actors, cars, search for differences, general knowledge, and much more. Find the perfect Android quiz online and challenge your friends!

House Party

One of the best platforms, a full-fledged social network where you can communicate with interesting people via video calls, as well as play fun quizzes on various topics: geography, general topics, knowledge of languages, etc.

WAVE-Video Chat Playground

A similar video calling platform where you can chat with your friends in real-time while playing fun games like Never, Pinturillo, iSketch, Match 4, general knowledge quizzes, and more. You will be able to create private chats for your friends, public rooms for guests, and chat.

Trivia Crack

Invite your Facebook friends to play a fun quiz and test your knowledge of art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, and history to see who is the smartest. The person who answers the most questions correctly wins.

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Psycho! Outwit Your Friends

A fun quiz where you will have to give false answers to correct questions. You will have to confuse other players to earn points every time they make a mistake while trying to guess the correct answers in turn.

10s — Online Trivia Quiz with Video Chat

A fun online quiz where you can have fun chatting with strangers and answering questions in ten seconds. The player who gives the most correct answers in the least amount of time wins.


And finally, a useful tool for teachers, where you can create quizzes on various topics and share them with students, thus organizing the learning process. Students, in turn, will need to find the correct answer among the four options.

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Best Online Quizzes Games to Play With Friends on Android in 2022


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