Best on iOS This Week: Tengami, Fright Fight, Coldfire Keep & More


This week’s filled with top iOS game releases and puzzle lovers will be particularly happy as we have a few high quality and highly anticipated puzzles/adventures (like the beautiful Tengami). But there’s a bit of everything for everybody in what appears to be a quality-filled week of iOS releases.

We’ve selected the best of the best and we’re sharing them with you below. Enjoy!


Go on a serene journey through Japan of ancient fairy tales brought to life through striking visuals, unique gameplay and haunting music. Experience dark forests, abandoned shrines and tranquil mountain waterfalls as you seek to uncover the secret behind the lone dying cherry tree.

iTunes link: Tengami

Fright Fight

Harness your skills and battle your friends for monster supremacy! FRIGHT FIGHT is a 3D Real-Time Online Multiplayer Brawler infused with RPG system elements.

iTunes link: Fright Fight

Coldfire Keep

Coldfire Keep is a traditional, old-school dungeon crawler, lovingly hand-crafted for fans of the genre. Featuring grid-based movement, and active turn-based combat, Coldfire Keep draws inspiration from classic late 80’s and early 90’s dungeon crawling adventures.

iTunes link: Coldfire Keep


UHR-Warlords is a turn-based tactical boardgame with endless possibilities. Play against AI or friends (or enemies)! Play the epic campaigns, immerse yourself in the lands of Noordh and join the everlasting war! Play as any of the Warlords and defeat your opponent. Use the Mystical Creatures at your command. Rain fire down on your foes with Lava or play to your advantage using a variety of Magical Runes. This game is all about the tactics you choose and how you adapt to your enemy’s moves.

iTunes link: UHR-Warlords

Merchant Beyond the Stars

Merchant Beyond the Stars, places you in the role of the ever present shopkeer found in all RPG games. It is up to you to buy all the items from visitng heroes, scrap the less desirable items, and upgrade the best. Enhance your Tech Lab to unlock upgrades allowing you to infuse heroe’s weapons with Fire, Ice and Radiation elements. All the weapons, heroes and missions are procedurally generated, capable of building millions of combinations.

iTunes link: Merchant Beyond the Stars

Second Chance Heroes

Overrun by werewolves, zombies, and sentient cheeseburgers, fight your way through a mall, a long-lost kingdom of Hobos, and a secret government bunker. Collect characters like Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla, Joan of Arc and many more to help you in your quest.

iTunes link: Second Chance Heroes


Oquonie is a really unique iOS puzzle game for iPad and iPhone where you must find your way across an intertwined megastructure. You will not be alone, your incarnations will have the help of bizaroid characters speaking an obscure language. Prepare to be surprised.

iTunes link: Oquonie

Blue Eden

Enter a world of natural beauty and underwater discovery. Join a school of Powder Blue Surgeonfish, one of the most striking of all marine fish, and grow into an impressive, powerful group. Play each of the 4 unique game types that represent a different part of the Surgeonfish’s life cycle. Explore unseen habitats, feed in the plankton bloom, escape from giant predators and produce the next generation of fish.

iTunes link: Blue Eden

Another Case Solved

This city is clamping down on candy cravings by outlawing sweet snacks! Solve a series of quirky cases by gathering clues, tracking down witnesses, and questioning suspects to reveal the truth behind this city’s sugarcoated secret.

iTunes link: Another Case Solved

And this is it! These are our recommended games for the week and I am sure you will find at least one that you will completely enjoy.

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Best on iOS This Week: Tengami, Fright Fight, Coldfire Keep & More


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