Oden is a bullpup assault rifle in COD Mobile that got added to the game with the Season 5 Tropical Vision update. It is an all-around assault rifle that you can use to get high kills in matches, granted you have the best Oden loadout in COD Mobile. 

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In this guide, we share one of the most optimal Oden loadouts you can use in COD Mobile to get an advantage over your opponent, scoring high kills and ultimately winning matches. 

Best Oden Loadout in COD Mobile

Here is the best loadout for the Oden assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile. 

  • Barrel – MiP Light Barrel (Short)
  • Laser – OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Ammunition – 12.7×55 Duplex Ammo
  • Rear Grip (Underbarrel) – Operator Foregrip
  • Perk 1 – Lightweight
    • It grants a 10% increase in movement speed and greatly reduces fall damage.
  • Perk 2 – Quick Fix
    • It regenerates the health after kills with a gun, melee, or Combat Axe. Capturing and holding objectives also increases health regeneration.
  • Perk 3 – Hardline
    • Increases point earned from killing enemies by 25%.

Using the above loadout for Oden, you can increase your Sprint Speed while improving the different attributes of the weapon like Damage, reduced Recoil, increased Rate of Fire, better weapon Handling, and other things. 

How to Get Oden Assault Rifle in COD Mobile 

Screengrab Via BlehJeel

Previously, you could unlock Oden by reaching Tier 21 in the Tropical Vision battle pass. The weapon was available in the free tier. So, whether you had the battle pass or not, you could have obtained the Oden assault rifle. 

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At current, COD Mobile Season 6 To the Skies is live. Right now! You can unlock Oden by getting 30 headshot kills with an Assault Rifle. 

So, if you haven’t unlocked the gun yet, it is time to get into some multiplayer matches to get that headshot kills. 

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Best Oden Loadout in COD Mobile



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