I’ll be honest with you and start by saying that it wasn’t too difficult to pick this week’s best new iOS releases. Even though there wasn’t a ton of great games released this week, we still have four really good ones to recommend and I am sure you’ll love each of them. The highlight of the week is definitely Telltale’s take on Batman, followed by another beautiful adventure game in Wadjet Eye Games’ Primordia, ol’ school platformer fun in Vulture Island and sword fighting & knights in Knights Fight: Medieval Arena. So, yes, I think that we have enough reasons to be pleased with this week’s releases!

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s find out which are Touch Tap Play’s best new iOS games of the week. Tap and play – that’s how you do it!

Batman – The Telltale Series

This is the first episode in a series of five, following a brand new story involving Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight. Expect tough choices, just like in any Telltale game and a ton of “WOW!” moments. Your actions and your choices will determine the fate of the Batman – and if you have played a game made by Telltale Games in the past, you know you’re in for a treat! So click/tap here to download the game and start playing ASAP!



In a desolate, ruined world inhabited only by robots, the taciturn android Horatio searches for answers. Where did he come from? Where have all the humans gone? And what, if any, was his role in it? A beautiful world, amazing retro graphics, full and high quality voice overs – you have everything you need for a great adventure in Primordia. So waste no second and get the game here.

Vulture Island

Benjamin has built a spectacular flying machine to take him and his friends around the world. During one of the first flight sessions something goes wrong. The youngsters have no choice but to parachute themselves to safety. And “safety” is a big word when it comes to gaming, so prepare to explore, run, collect and have a ton of fun in this great old school platformer with retro graphics. Click here to download and play.

Knights Fight: Medieval Arena


Do you think it would be fun to have a game that doesn’t give you more than two knights facing off in an arena, smashing each other with their swords, shields and horrible smell (the last part is just my guess, though). It sure is fun, let me tell you that! Hear the crowd roar as you step into the battleground! Listen to your heartbeat in the anticipation of combat! Feel the tension and witness as the cold steel pierces the armor of the unworthy! The joy of victory is available only to the best warriors. Are you one of them? Then prove it! Click here to download the game and become the best knight in town. On your couch.

These would be our picks this week. Although we didn’t have a ton of games to recommend, the ones that we spotted are really good and you’ll love them. Have fun!


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