Best Multi-Tool Weapons Guide in No Man’s Sky

Best Multi-Tool Weapons Guide in No Man’s Sky

Once you start playing No Man’s Sky, you will first need to obtain a multi-tool that is excellent for combat. You will need to check what kind of stats you will be getting and choose one that does good damage.

There are various efficient options in the game. In case you are interested in getting more information about them, keep reading this guide!

Getting Best Multi-Tool Weapons Guide in No Man’s Sky

Let us, please, start with the weapon called Scatter Blaster. It is a powerful shotgun. It’s almost unparalleled at dealing with Sentinels when fully upgraded, and will one-shot those awful Biological Horrors with no issues.

Another excellent multi-tool weapon we would like to recommend is the Blaze Javelin, which is the definition of high risk, high reward. It is a sniper rifle that has a lot of power and rewards the players with more damage the further the shot travels.

The third multi-tool weapon we would like to mention is called Paralysis Mortar. It almost will deal no damage. However, with the help of the Voltaic Amplifier module installed, you’ll obtain an essential bonus to damage against incapacitated opponents when switching to a primary weapon.

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And the fourth weapon we would like to share the information about is the Neutron Cannon. This weapon comes with two various firing modes. This tool is truly remarkable for everyone who wants the benefit of a shotgun-type quick blaster and becomes used to the Scatter Blaster as the weapon of choice.

Now you know what weapons are considered to be the best multi-tool weapons in No Man’s Sky. Start playing the game and try these weapons with no postponing. We wish you good luck. Have fun and enjoy playing!

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Best Multi-Tool Weapons Guide in No Man’s Sky


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