Best Monsters List in My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters How to Get Keys

In this game, you have to unlock new singing monsters and islands to create unique songs. Also, there is the possibility to combine the monsters and get a special monster that you can’t buy in a store. Additionally, you can create your own orchestra with these monsters. To unlock new monsters, you should get XP and up your level. How to do it? Read in our previous guide. Depending on the level, monsters differ from each other. They have unique characteristics and produce special tunes. However, there are still some monsters that are the best.

Top 3 Monsters in My Singing Monsters

The point is that the monsters differ only in the sound they produce. Therefore, picking the best monster is a question of your taste. However, there are still some monsters that stand out among others with their absolutely perfect tune. So, here they are:

  1. Ghatz. This is a legendary monster that sounds cool and can make any song better. Also, when you play it, you get a lot of shards and coins. Therefore, it is worth the first place. However, it will take you weeks to get this monster.
  2. Bowgart. You can find this monster on a gold island and in its rare version, Bowgart is one of the best not only on the island but in the game.
  3. Maw. This cute monster is a favorite players’ monster. It sounds the best at plant island song and shares almost the same notes. In conclusion, Maw really adds a great, melodious tune to everything.

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Best Monsters List in My Singing Monsters


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