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Best Mobile MMORPGs to Play in 2020 (Android & iOS)

Best Mobile MMORPGs to Play in 2020 (Android & iOS)

Are you a huge MMORPG fan and would love to learn what are some of the best MMORPGs for mobile that you can play in 2020 in your spare time and dedicate to? Well, I’ve dug up a few which might spark your interest, because as a MMORPG fan myself, I find these to be some of the most entertaining!

As you well know, MMORPGs require quite a little bit of time dedicated to them, as you need to level up, get stronger, get better equipment, learn better skills and whatnot. And for that, I’ve selected some of the ones which have not only sparked my interest once, but throughout the years!

Enough with the chit-chat tho! You came here to see our list for the best MMORPGs for mobile, so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

Jade Dynasty Mobile

I have to admit, I am a little biased towards this game. I’ve played this on PC for about a decade, so it’s arguably a very good game from my perspective, especially if you like massive PvP.

There are a lot of ways to improve, many different classes with different play styles and once you get strong enough, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy every feature the game holds, from Alliance wars (massive PvP) to boss hunts, solo and party instances and many more.

You can download Jade Dynasty Mobile from Google Play.

Tales of Wind

On the more “cuter” side, Tales of Wind is a game which is not only adorable with its great anime graphics, but has plenty of customizations and features that you would expect from the genre (and they don’t disappoint).

But if we put aside the colorful array of skills (which will leave a good first impression for sure) the game is definitely more than just a “pretty game”. There are tons of game modes for every taste and real-time PvP to entertain everybody!

Download the game from Google Play and App Store.

Lineage 2: Revolution

There have been a lot of good things that I read about the game (as I don’t pay attention to the bad ones until I see for myself) and this game is a great one, if you have played Lineage before.

There are just some amazing graphics to this game and the open world will let you explore everything that you can imagine. From massive PvP battles to boss hunts and all such features, you can do anything as long as you have time! It’s definitely a game worth checking out (if you want a beautiful game with tons of features).

You can download the game from Google Play and App Store.

Black Desert Mobile

From the PC to the Mobile, Black Desert keeps the same stunning graphics and immersive play style which players are accustomed to. There are multiple classes to choose from, with vast (and I really mean it) customizations and too many features to count.

There are a ton of stuff you can do, from PvP to fishing, creating and expanding your own Camp, taming pets and mounts and many more. If you’re looking for a dynamic game that can really keep you busy for hours and hours, then Black Desert Mobile is the one you’re looking for!

You can download Black Desert Mobile from Google Play and App Store.

World of Kings

For the avid fans of World of Warcraft, there is a cheaper (actually free) alternative, which only consists of IAPs. That is, World of Kings! There is a deeply complex class system, tons of dungeons to adventure in with friends or alone, and PvP content to test your might.

There is a beautiful open world, adorable pets to collect and various ways to improve your character and get stronger. While the game is simple at first glance, there is a depth to the game that you’ll get to enjoy once you start playing (just like you would WoW).

You can download the game from Google Play and App Store.

Era of Legends

Having some experience with the games from 101XP, I have to say that Era of Legends is a fun game that brings everything that you want from a good MMORPG. There is PvP, huge maps to explore and the graphics are user-friendly enough so that anyone can understand what they are doing!

Oh, and did I mention the amount of items that you can collect? From Skins, to Magic Creatures and Mounts, you can fill your collection over time, or simply gear up and head on into PvP to fight with other players!

You can download Era of Legends from Google Play and App Store.

Toram Online

The game has a really epic storyline, and its rich character customization will allow players to really dive into the MMORPG experience. There is housing, a really complex pet system (which trust me, I played games with such systems and they made for pretty much 70% of a player’s strength!) and the best part? It’s not a p2w game!

Toram Online is a game which will let you really play however you like and create a character that is unique to YOU! Since you rarely find that in a mobile game, you should really give it a shot!

You can download Toram Online from Google Play and App Store.

MU Origin 2

MU Origin 2 is a game which pretty much follows the typical mobile MMORPG, with all of its features. From autoplay (which by the way – is pretty cool and interactive for a change) to build creation and the overall community feeling you have when you play the game, I am pretty sure you will like it more than you think!

In my opinion you should play the game for a little while before you can really judge it, because the end-game content will definitely keep you busy every day!

You can download MU Origin 2 from Google Play and App Store.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

For those of you who tend to be more on the “lazy” side and want a good MMORPG but don’t want to bother with casting skills and whatnot, AxE: Alliance vs Empire is the way to go.

This game will give you a ton of content, good graphics and all the features which will make for a great game that an be played afk (yeah, I see you all afk and auto-skill game haters out there)!

You can download the game from Google Play and App Store.

Dragon Raja

Now I’ve got to admit that I saved the best for last! This game is absolutely mind-blowing! From the complex character creation, to the tasks and all the little perks and character traits that you can obtain to shape your own hero, you’ve probably never experienced something like this!

On the down side, you really need a good device to play on because the graphics and animations are top notch! If I could, I would play on a HD screen just so I can enjoy every element the game has to offer!

You can download Dragon Raja from Google Play and App Store.

These would be our picks for the best Mobile MMORPGs to play in 2020! What other game suggestions you would have for us? Let us know by leaving a comment down in the comments section below!

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Best Mobile MMORPGs to Play in 2020 (Android & iOS)


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