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Best Minigames in Roblox Dave & Buster’s World

Best Minigames in Roblox Dave & Buster’s World

Dave & Buster’s World has officially opened in Roblox, and it’s a faithful recreation of a real life Dave & Buster’s arcade. You can explore the arcade, grab a snack from the dining area, and even play some minigames with other players! The minigames are all based off of popular arcade game genres, but which ones are the best? Today, we’ll list the best minigames in Roblox Dave & Buster’s World!

The Best Minigames to Play in Dave & Buster’s World

To play a minigame in Dave & Buster’s World, simply click the NOT READY button at the bottom right. It’ll change to ready, and when the next game is loading, you’ll be asked to make a vote.

You can vote for three different minigames, and the one with the highest amount of votes is played next.

  • Arcade Run: Run and jump through an obstacle course to reach the finish line. Plays like a typical Roblox obby!
  • Superball Dash: Race to the finish by rolling your ball through a long racetrack!
  • Zombie Survival: Shoot your way through a zombie-infested world!

In Arcade Run, players will run through an obstacle course full of dangers and surprises. Run across the spinning gears in Full Tilt, or dodge the linebackers in Gridiron Blitz. Grab the coins along the way for more points!

Full Tilt has spinning bars that can hit you and stun you. If you fall off, you’ll respawn at the last checkpoint you passed. Gridiron Blitz has linebackers that will charge you when you get near them, so be ready to dodge!

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In Superball Dash, players are placed inside a large ball, and they’ll need to roll themselves to the finish line. Take the turns carefully, don’t fall off the track, and run over the blue speed lines for a huge burst of speed!

Some tracks also have ramps, and if you roll off of them, you’ll get some big air! There are often floating rings in the air, so run into them to get extra points.

In Zombie Survival, players are dropped into a first-person shooter where they must blast as many zombies as possible. Don’t let the zombies get too close, as they’ll munch on you! Get bit too many times and it’s game over!

Sometimes, destroyed zombies will drop power ups. These can change your gun type, recover your health, or protect you with armor. Grab these to increase your zombie-killing power.

So, which minigames are the best? If you’re trying to earn lots of tickets, we think that Superball Dash is the best. The reason for this is that Superball Dash usually ends pretty quickly, and it’s easy to get lots of tickets by scoring high.

Arcade Run comes in a close second, but they can go on for a little longer, especially if you get Full Tilt. They can also be very challenging, depending on your experience with Roblox obbys.

As for the worst minigame, we have to give it to Zombie Survival. It’s not a bad minigame, but it’s easily the longest one out of the three. If you’re trying to earn lots of tickets, Zombie Survival slows down the process significantly.

That concludes our guide on the best minigames in Roblox Dave & Buster’s World. What’s your favorite minigame to play? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Minigames in Roblox Dave & Buster’s World


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