How to Get to the Conference Room in Dave & Buster’s World – Roblox Guide


Dave & Buster’s World is a faithful recreation of a real life Dave & Buster’s, so if you’re missing the fun vibes of a neon-lit arcade, hop in the official Roblox experience to get your fix! You can explore the main rooms, check out the mini-games, grab a snack, and even sneak into the secret conference room. Today, we’ll show you how to get to the conference room in our Dave & Buster’s World Roblox guide.

Getting Inside the Conference Room in Dave & Buster’s World

If you’ve explored Dave & Buster’s World to the fullest, you may have noticed a fancy conference room in the back corner. It looks pretty regal in there, so naturally everyone wants to get in. How do you do so?

Well, the answer is actually simple: You just walk in! That’s right, the entrance to the conference room is completely unblocked, so you can just waltz right in if you want to.

To get to the conference room, simply take a right upon entering the experience. It’s right around the corner, and you should see the door to get in immediately.

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Alternatively, simply completing a mini-game will always place you back into the conference room afterward. Win or lose, your character will be sitting down next to the conference room table after the mini-game is complete.

Finally, there’s a secret way to get into the conference room, and it also rewards you with 40,000 tickets! Near the entrance to the conference room, you should see a row of arcade cabinets next to four tables of air hockey.

Run along the arcade cabinets while interacting with as many as you can. Keep doing this until you see a vortex appear over your character. After a few seconds, you’ll be teleported to a secret room where you can grab a Power Card worth 40,000 in-game tickets!

Grab the Power Card!

After you’ve grabbed the Power Card, go ahead and drop into either of the open vents. You’ll fall down a chute that drops you right into the conference room. Talk about flashy entrances!

And that’s it! Those are all the ways to get inside the conference room. We hope that answers your questions about how to get to the conference room in Dave & Buster’s World. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get to the Conference Room in Dave & Buster’s World – Roblox Guide


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