Best Minecraft Villager Trades in Minecraft 1.19

Villager trades

In Minecraft, players can assign jobs to idle villagers using workstation blocks. Based on their profession, villagers can offer a wide variety of trades. In this article, we have cumulated some of the best Minecraft villager trades as of version 1.19.

Most Useful and Valuable Villager Trades in Minecraft

5. Sticks Trade by Fletcher

When trading with villagers, emeralds become the most valuable resource in Minecraft. Fortunately, trading with villagers can be the most affordable way to earn emeralds. Some villager trades offer emeralds for dirt cheap items such as sticks, coal, etc.

Players can turn a villager into a fletcher using a fletching table and then sell sticks to it. Players can easily get lots of sticks using wood logs and sell them for emeralds.

4. Melon and Pumpkin Trades by Farmer

Melon and pumpkin are both easy to grow and farm. Players can sell them to farmers and obtain shiny emeralds in Minecraft. Players can also use emeralds to buy food items like bread and golden carrots from farmers.

3. Iron Ingot Trade by Armorer, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith

Armorer, toolsmith, and weaponsmith have many similarities, including the iron ingot trade. All three of them buy iron ingots from players after reaching Apprentice level. Players with iron farms in Minecraft can use this trade to sell iron ingots and earn emeralds easily.

2. Enchanted Book Trade by Librarian

Librarians have one of the most broken trades in Minecraft. Players can use these intellectual villagers to get almost any enchantment. With enough retries, players can get their desired enchanted book from a librarian.

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1. Diamond Gear Trades by Armorer, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith

Trading is one of the most helpful game mechanics in Minecraft, as it lets players get diamond gears just by trading with villagers. Armorer, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith sell diamond armor pieces, diamond tools, and diamond weapons at the Expert and Master levels. Moreover, most of these gear come with enchantments, making them far more valuable.

There are several other trades in Minecraft. Players are suggested to learn about all possible trades and then upgrade villagers depending on their needs. 

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Best Minecraft Villager Trades in Minecraft 1.19


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