Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One (2022)


Minecraft is a very addictive sandbox game available on all gaming platforms. Players have to survive in a large open world created from various blocks. The game has different biomes with unique terrain, blocks, and mobs. And if you want to start your journey in certain places, you should use a certain Seed. And in this guide, we will tell you about the best Seeds for Xbox One.

Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One

Mountains and Silent Villages

This is a wonderful Seed, which is suitable for beginners. You will spawn in a large meadow surrounded by mountains. You will be able to get all the necessary starting resources and trade in the village.

  • Seed: 460628901

Massive Dripstone Cave

If you want to collect a lot of Copper and Dripstone, this Seed is what you need. You will start the game in the forest, and after crafting mining tools and weapons, you can go to a small passage nearby. By doing this, you can get into a huge labyrinth of Dripstone Caves. But beware of the mobs living there.

  • Seed: -582063378

The Ocean Monument

Do you enjoy exploring Ocean Monument? Then get ready, because in this Seed you can find up to 7 of these underwater structures around the spawn. Also, nearby you can find forest biomes where you can farm the necessary resources.

  • Seed: 1152091468

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Mountain Ranges

This Seed will allow you to get acquainted with all possible mountains from different biomes. After 1.18 the mountains became really huge. So, exploring the Mountain Ranges has become incredibly exciting.

  • Seed: 700682

Savannah and Badlands

These two biomes are the rarest in the game. However, this Seed will allow you to learn both of them. You will spawn in the Badlands, but over the cliff, Savannah will start. In both biomes, you can get various useful resources.

  • Seed: -78688046

Minecraft has many different biomes that can be hard to find without additional apps. In each of them, the player can get a unique gaming experience. So, we recommend using the seeds described above to have fun while surviving in the world of Minecraft.

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Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One (2022)


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