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Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Prison Servers of 2020

Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Prison Servers of 2020
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Minecraft Pocket Edition has a ton of public servers for you to enjoy if you’re looking for some fun. Public servers usually run modded game modes that focus on PvP, and one popular mode is the Prison game mode.

If you’re unfamiliar with the prison gamemode, players start in a prison-themed map and must work their way up the chain of command by mining resources and selling them to earn cash for more items, tools, and weapons.

There are a few servers that run this gamemode, and today we’ll be listing off some of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition prison servers!


Server IP: play.nightfall.xyz

Nightfall is one of the premiere Bedrock prison servers. This server runs custom prisons and dungeons.

Prisons is Nightfall’s premiere mode, but they also offer an extension dungeons mode where players delve into dark dungeons and fight for epic loot and treasure. There are even perilous boss battles that await you!

Nightfall also features an extensive RPG system that lets players build their character however they want. If you like lots of fighting and character progression, Nightfall is the server for you.

HybridPE Network

Server IP: play.hybridpe.me

HybridPE Network is a – as the name suggests – a hybrid Minecraft Pocket Edition server that runs all sorts of game modes. Whatever you like, there is a good chance that HybridPE Network supports it.

The server runs a prison game mode, various PvP survival modes, and features a full-fledged player economy and ranking system. There are plenty of fun side activities as well, including little minions that you can have as pets and a fun casino to play various minigames in.


Server IP: dcfac.us.to

DivineCraft is an up and coming new Minecraft Pocket Edition server that specializes in a numerous amount of fun PvP modes. DivineCraft features warzone, PvP mines, king of the hill, hunt, factions, and of course prison game modes.

DivineCraft also features an extensive progression system, including a constant currency mechanic. Players can rank up by completing game modes which enables them to get neat items and boosters for the other game modes.

Histeria V4

Server IP: play.histeria.fr

Histeria V4 is a French Minecraft Pocket Edition server that has a sizable playerbase. The server mainly runs a faction server, but it also hosts various PvP gamemodes that include a prison mode.

Histeria runs a few mods that change up the original Minecraft experience, including new ores and block types that have special effects. Players also get new items and tools to play with and new armors to equip.

VanityPE OP Prison

Server IP: vanitype.ml

VanityPE OP Prison is a Minecraft Pocket Edition server that has been around for about a year now. They are primarily a prison server, so this is the go to server if you want a dedicated prison experience.

VanityPE features a massive prison map for players to play in complete with free fly cells and plots, prestige and big mines, an upgradable pick axe with levels, and more!


Server IP: play.primegames.net

PrimeGames is a Minecraft Pocket Edition server that has been around since 2017. They have many different game modes, including skyblock, factions, and of course the ever popular prison mode.

PrimeGames is an active server with lively community, as the game modes are getting updates. The latest major prison server update was from April of this year, for instance. Give them a go if you want to check out their prison mode!

That concludes our list of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition prison servers. Be sure to check out our list on the best Minecraft Pocket Edition factions servers if you’re into that game mode.

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Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Prison Servers of 2020


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