Best Minecraft Bedrock Enchantments for Leggings in 2022


Having the best armor can help you defend against monsters. In Minecraft, it is common to find yourself against a bunch of monsters. Players can further improve their armor by enchanting them. In this guide, we take a look at the best Minecraft enchantments for leggings, one of the four armor categories.

Best Leggings Enchantments in Minecraft

1) Protection

In Minecraft, Protection is a must-have enchantment for all armors, including leggings. All armors provide a certain amount of damage reduction. Protection enchantment increases an armor’s damage reduction. Players are highly recommended to use Protection on all armor pieces to take the least damage from mobs.

But before enchanting your leggings with Protection, you need to know that this enchantment is incompatible with all other types of Protection enchantments. It is better to have just Protection enchantment as it reduces all kinds of damage.

2) Unbreaking

Every usable item has a set number of durability points. When an item is used, some durability points are consumed. Once all points are used up, the item breaks. Players wouldn’t want their precious armor to snap while fighting a monster.

With Unbreaking enchantment, your leggings will last longer. Unbreaking lowers the chances of durability points getting consumed when you take damage. This way, your leggings will last longer in Minecraft.

3) Swift Sneak

Swift Sneak enchantment

Swift Sneak was added to Minecraft with version 1.19 The Wild Update. This enchantment is extremely helpful for players exploring the terrifying deep dark caves. When wearing leggings with Swift Sneak enchantment, players can move at walking speed even when crouching. Players can use this feature to avoid the warden in deep dark caves.

4) Mending

Mending books

Mending enchantment is used for restoring durable points. At some point, your leggings will become severely damaged. If the leggings have Mending, you will be able to use XP points to repair them easily.

There were all the best enchantments for leggings in Minecraft. If you are looking for some enchantments for leggings, give them a try.

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Best Minecraft Bedrock Enchantments for Leggings in 2022


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