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In 2021 the game introduced the mentor system. All mentors are unique and have their special boost and stats buff that they can give to your character. Mentors are aimed at 3 groups: attack, defend, and balance. However, if to look at mentors individually, all of them are well-balanced. So, choosing any mentor will not bring you much more power than another player. 

Top Mentors in Shindo Life

  1. Jiso Seishin, which is located in Tempest. It is the most powerful mentor. It gives such boosts: 6000 Chi, 6500 Nin, 6000 Tai. Additionally, it gives 7500 hp, which is the record among all mentors. However, what makes this mentor the best is the combination of perks that it offers. It gives a stronger block and passive faster charging so that you can stay in a block and deal damage faster than your opponent. 
  2. Ryuji Kenichi. You can find it on the Training grounds. It is the most powerful attack mentor. Kenichi gives 6000 Chi, 6000 Nin, 7000, and 7000 hp. His perks are a wider dash and stronger block, which makes it extremely useful in PvP fights. When you choose this mentor, you have to aim your character build at maximum Tai damage and the highest attack speed. If you do so, you will receive the best attack characteristics in the game.
  3. Narumaki, whom you can find at Narumaki Bridge. It is a balanced mentor, so it can’t put your character in attack or defense style as previous mentors. However, it doesn’t mean that Narumaki is useless. It has 6600 Chi, 6700 Nin, and 6000 Tai. At the same time, boosts your hp by 6700 points. Unfortunately, he has chi dash and faster-charging perks, which make no combination. So, if you are playing for yourself, but not for the result, you can easily opt for this mentor and play with a balanced character.

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Best Mentor in Shindo Life


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