Best Mega Knight Deck in Clash Royale


The latest update in Clash Royale brought a number of changes! In today’s article we will take a look at a Mega Knight deck that currently performs very well in the meta.

Even though the better understanding of the enemy deck you have the better, this Mega Knight deck is pretty straight-forward. You can even call it a ‘brain-dead’ type of deck. But for the new players to Clash Royale, we will give you some ‘tips’ on how to use this deck effectively. Hopefully you can win some games and climb the ladder!

  • Fireball
  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Goblin Hut
  • Heal Spirit
  • Royal Hogs
  • Electro Wizard
  • Mother Witch
  • Mega Knight

Average Elixir cost of the deck is 4.

How to play this deck

In the current meta, Mother Witch is one of the strongest cards for sure. She has good damage plus she can swarm the lane for you. She’s also very good against swarm units because of her attack speed plus curses. Once a cursed enemy troop dies, she will spawn a Cursed Hog. Cursed Hogs have similar stats to Royal Hogs. Ideally you want your Royal Hogs to lead a push with your Mother Witch behind them in order to put ALOT of pressure to your opponent.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to ‘waste’ your Mother Witch fighting enemy tanks. It will take a lot of time for her to counter such a unit, and the return will be a single hog. So it’s simple a waste of resources.

Heal spirit is a card that synergizes very well with Royal Hogs and swarm cards in general. Hogs with Heal Spirits following will force your oponents to either spend a lot of Elixir on defense, or otherwise take a ton of damage.

Of course you have a very flexible card in Fireball. Not only it synergize great with Heal Spirit to take out enemy units such as a Wizard or a Musketeer, but it can also be used offensively to help you take down enemy structures.

Goblin Hut is the kind of card that can do a lot of things for you. Of course is your go to card against enemy tanks, but it can also swarm and counter push the lane at the same time.

Electro Wizard provides crowd control for your team. Once you deploy him, he will stun and do area damage. He can attack two units at the same time, but he doesn’t do splash damage. He’s good against small swarms, not big ones. Keep that in mind.

That’s it for today’s article. Hopefully you can have some fun playing this deck and win some matches!

If you have any questions, or there’s something that you would like to ask, let us know in the comment section down below!

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Best Mega Knight Deck in Clash Royale


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