Best Lordly Legionary Build Guide in Raid: Shadow Legends


Raid Shadow: Legends is one of the most popular free-to-play RPGs that you can play on mobile devices. The game has a huge roster of characters that you need to level up, provide with different pieces of equipment, and use against your opponents. One of these champions is named Lordly Legionary. This character of the Banner Lords faction seems to be quite popular and you may want to use him in your battles. So, here is a guide on how to use Lordly Legionary in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Lordly Legionary in Raid: Shadow Legends

There are lots of different characters that you can play in Raid: Shadow Legends. They are divided into different factions, and one of the oldest factions in this game is called Banner Lords. There are lots of great knights and warriors that you can use to form a powerful team. One of the most interesting epic characters in this faction is named Lordly Legionary.

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Lordly Legionary in Raid: Shadow Legends is an epic attacker of the magic type. His skills allow him to place different debuffs on opponents and buff his allies with damage reflection and continuous healing. Also, he is able to deal tons of damage to opponents that have the Heal Reduction debuff inflicted on them.

How to Use Lordly Legionary in Raid: Shadow Legends

Lordly Legionary is a good damage dealer that you can use in Raid: Shadow Legends. He seems to be really effective against Minotaur, Fire Knight, and Ice Golem. In order to make him stronger, we recommend you use Speed, Accuracy, Offense, Lifesteal, and Immortal sets. You should also choose talents from the Offense and Support branches. Here is the list of talents that we recommend you use:

  • Deadly Precision (Offense)
  • Keen Strike (Offense)
  • Heart of Glory (Offense)
  • Single Out (Offense)
  • Bring it Down (Offense)
  • Methodical (Offense)
  • Kill Streak (Offense)
  • Warmaster (Offense)
  • Pinpoint Accuracy (Support)
  • Exalt in Death (Support)
  • Swarm Smiter (Support)
  • Rapid Response (Support)
  • Lore of Steel (Support)
  • Evil Eye (Support)
  • Master Hexer (Support)

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Best Lordly Legionary Build Guide in Raid: Shadow Legends


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