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Best Locations to Find Honey Beast in Fallout 76

Best Locations to Find Honey Beast in Fallout 76
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The post-nuclear world of Fallout 76 has many creatures, one of them being the Honey Beasts that came to life after undergoing mutation from the radiation caused by the nuclear war.  

Honey Beasts are giant bees with a hive on their back that constantly releases small bees that deal massive damage and can quickly kill players. 

They are also one of the most common creatures that players have to hunt as a part of the daily, weekly and seasonal challenges. So, if you are looking for Honey Beasts, you are at the right place. In this guide, we share the best locations where you can find Honey Beasts in Fallout 76

Best Locations to Find Honey Beast in Fallout 76

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In Fallout 76, the best locations to find Honey Beasts are the Forest, the Mire and the Toxic Valley. 

  • Toxic Valley is found in the northeast part of Appalachia 
  • The Mire is situated in the eastern part of Appalachia 
  • The Forest covers the entire western part of Appalachia 

Some of the POIs that have a higher chance of Honey Beast spawns include:

  • The unmarked cave northeast of Freddy Fear’s House of Scares
  • Seneca Rocks Visitor Center
  • The area between the Whitespring Resort and the Whitespring Golf Club.
  • Treetops
  •  One dead Honey Beast is found at the Freak Show

Before the Once in a Blue Moon update, you could have found the Honey Beasts at the Middle Mountain Cabins. But since the location has been revamped into an NPC camp, they no longer spawn there. 

Apart from the above spawns, the best way to farm Honey Beasts that we have been using ourselves is by taking part in the below Seasonal and normal events:

  • Fasnacht Day 
  • Irrational Fear
  • Primal Cuts (Savage Divide) 
  • Project Paradise
  • Spin the Wheel

That concludes our guide on the best locations to find Honey Beast in Fallout 76. While you are here, check out where to find the Blue Devil in Fallout 76. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Fallout 76 section

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Best Locations to Find Honey Beast in Fallout 76