Best Location to Find Pinecones in Genshin Impact


Being a proper open-world action role-playing game, Genshin Impact places great emphasis not only on combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving, but also on item gathering and crafting. The world of Teyvat features a lot of different items with different uses, so you will want to collect as many of these items as possible to make your life easier as you explore the further recesses of this beautiful world.

Among the items that can be collected in Genshin Impact are Pinecones. Here’s the best location to find them.

Best Location to Find Pinecones in Genshin Impact

Pinecones in Genshin Impact can be easily found by searching beneath Fir Trees. These trees are quite common in Mondstadt, but they can also be found in a lot of other areas. They are easily spotted by looking at their thin trunks and short branches. It is also possible to use Elemental Sight to locate Pinecones, which will make it easier to find these items even if you are not able to spot Fir Trees on sight.

The best possible location to find Pinecones in Genshin Impact is Quingce Village. There is a bridge that can be reached quite easily by using the village’s waypoint where you can find some Pinecones. The fact that this area is easy to reach makes it the perfect location for farming as many Pinecones as you need in the shortest time possible.

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Best Location to Find Pinecones in Genshin Impact


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