Catalyst Black is an action game where the progression is built upon the idea of a collection of different weapons, trinkets, relics, etc. The more you collect, the more builds you can try, the more effective you will be in battles against different enemies.

Loadouts are nothing but a collection of gears that supports your human and primal form. In this Catalyst Black guide, we will share the best loadouts you can possibly get in the game.

Best Loadouts in Catalyst Black

Here are some of the best loadouts in Catalyst Black. If you have a Catalyst Black loadout that can help other players, share with us in the comments below and we will add it to our best loadouts list.

Sniper Build

Image Credit – Campbell Bird

The Sniper build is best for dealing high damage from long range, escaping close range fights. Repositioning and attacking is the main core concept of this build. To achieve this build you can get most items from the Sniper and Protector banner.

This build is very good in almost every game mode. But, it shares some disadvantages in the Flag Snatch mode.

  • Mask – Torden
  • Power – Guardian
  • Relic – Smite
  • Primary – Primal Eye
  • Heavy – Objection
  • Ability – Leap Attack
  • Trinket – Choker of Phasing

Click to check out the complete build.

Glass Canon Build

Image Credit – AceTheChase

With the help of this Catalyst Black build, you can deal an insane amount of damage in less time.

  • Mask – Issia
  • Power – Deep Freeze
  • Relic – Shiver Shroud
  • Primary – Condifusion Constant(Pistol)
  • Heavy – The Heretic(Heavy Rocket Launcher)
  • Ability – Power Infusion
  • Trinket – Bracer of Dedication

Catalyst Black is currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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