Best Lilac Cookie Toppings Build in Cookie Run Kingdom

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In Cookie Run: Kingdom, the Lilac Cookie  is an Epic Cookie who was released in the second half of the Tropical Soda Islands update. The Lilac Cookie is of the Support class and his position is prioritized to the Middle.

He appears in the Tropical Soda Islands Story as Yogurt Cream Cookie’s bodyguard and retainer. After he, Yogurt Cream Cookie, Princess Cookie, and Knight Cookie are thrown into Stink-Eye Tortuca’s ship’s brig, he teams up with Princess Cookie to free everyone from their cells.

Lilac Cookie Skill

Chakram Throw

Lilac Cookie throws his chakrams in several rounds over a period of time. Friendly units are impressed by the graceful movements, and gain increased regular attack DMG proportional to their ATK SPD boost rate.

  • 13 second base Cooldown
  • Single hit DMG: 105.0% (+1.45% DMG per level)
  • Regular attack DMG increase: Inflict extra damage equal to 0.4% of the Cookie’s ATK for each 1.0% of ATK SPD boost rate for 10.0 sec

Best Lilac Cookie Toppings

The two best Lilac Cookie builds for topping are:

  1. X5 Swift Chocolate to reduce cooldown, or
  2. X5 Solid Almond for damage resist

The best Lilac Cookie Toppings build set would be X5 Swift Chocolate, which reduces the skill cooldown of Lilac Cookie, allowing you to use the Chakram Throw swiftly—this skill increases the attack damage of skills. Another alternative Lilac Cookie Toppings build set would be X5 Solid Almond, which increases damage resist stats of Lilac. We recommend using the cooldown build, X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings. 

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Best Lilac Cookie Toppings Build in Cookie Run Kingdom


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