Best Layouts in Tap! Dig! My Museum!


Tap! Dig! My Museum! is an Android/iOS game created by Oridio Inc. This game lets players enjoy a fun museum management-type game with puzzle-like fossil excavations, complete with simple controls. There are always new fossil discoveries to make, so anticipation is always running high!

In this game, players basically have to collect many fossils, and aim to create their own wonderful museum with cute pixel art characters that move around!


This game allows players to run their own museums. To start off with, players need to create an exhibition stand to display their fossils. Fossils can be acquired by digging and there are a variety of fossils that can be acquired to be placed on display.

Bit by bit, over time, the player can gradually restore and develop the run-down museum. There are two ways by which players can speed this up.

  • By raising character level, players can increase the number of excavations.
  • By raising pickaxe level, the range of rocks that players can destroy increases drastically.

Today we will be discussing the best layouts in the game and how to get them.

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Best Layout

There are a total of 6 different display slots in the game, to display 6 different fossils. They can be laid out in any manner of choosing to make the museum seem more impressive. Eventually, this will lead players to find out that there are way more dinosaurs to unlock than there are slots to display them in.

Due to this, the best layouts would be where players can either display their hidden fossils, anything ranging from silver fossils, gold fossils, to even platinum level fossils! A good mix and variety of each are necessary to pull in more and higher paying customers to ensure a prosperous museum!

Remember that these fossils can be changed at any time, so if players have an incomplete fossil and the tour bus comes along, they can just switch out to a completed fossil instead to make the most out of that tourist opportunity.

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Best Layouts in Tap! Dig! My Museum!


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