Best iOS Game Released This Week: The Spatials


Every week, there’s a batch of great and not so great games coming to the App Store and we’re planning to pick our favorite and share it with you. And because we’re quirky, we consider our pick the “best of the week”. And this week’s award goes for a free to play title, The Spatials.

An iPad exclusive game, The Spatials is set waaaaaaay into the future, all the way into the year 5781, when the bosses of the human race decide to send you on a mission to build a space station somewhere in the dark corners of the galaxy. What follows? This: design the rooms and corridors of your space station to make your staff feel at home. Explore a galaxy with 30 star systems and more than a hundred planets. Complete missions for the Human Federation and discover new allies and… enemies! Fight for survival with a unique real time combat system. Collect loot and equip your officers with the most advanced technology in the galaxy.

For a game that happens in real time, The Spatials is a title of extreme depth and quality. Don’t let the “free” thing fool you: download the game and give it a try – it’s not one of those freemium scams that only wants your money and gives nothing in return. This is a solid game, a surprising release coming out of nowhere and it could easily become one of the most popular games out there with the right promotion. So download it now from the App Store and tell your friends about it!

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Best iOS Game Released This Week: The Spatials



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