Best Hoopa Build in Pokémon Unite

Best Hoopa Build in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a multiplayer strategy game where you have to face many other players in a battle arena. But you will not be alone, your faithful Pokemon helpers will be with you. You have to assemble a team of 5 unique Pokemon and your success depends on who will be in your team and what items will be equipped on it. In this guide, we want to help you figure out how to assemble the most efficient build of this complex yet extremely useful Pokémon.

Who Is Hoopa?

First, it is worth understanding who Hoopa is and what abilities he has in battle.

This is a great strength but at the same time strategically complex long-range Pokémon. He can help his allies move efficiently across the playing field, as well as restore health quite well. Among other things, he can deal a lot of damage with his ranged attacks.

There is currently only 1 way to get this Pokémon. You can do this by baking 50 donuts in the kitchen of the Hoopa (Pokémon Day) special event.

But now and until March 15, 2022, each player can try to play using this Pokémon, since now the game has decided to provide all players with such an opportunity.

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Best Hoopa Build in Pokémon Unite

Returning to the question of the best assembly for this Pokemon, then everything is not so simple. Although this is a strong, still complex pokemon, we will provide you with those assemblies that, in our opinion, are the best, but you yourself decide what should be changed and what should be left.

Trick build

Moveset: Phantom Force, Trick.

Held Items: Exp. Share, Focus Band, Buddy Barrier.

Battle Item: Eject Button.

Item Effects (at Level 30):

  • Defense: +30
  • Sp. Def: +30
  • Movement Speed: +120
  • HP: +840

This build focuses on helping your allies as much as possible with Trick and Phantom Force or Shadow Ball. Exp. Share is the main support item that will not only keep your allies from falling behind in level but also increase movement speed and health. Eject Button will give you extra defense and offensive capabilities in combat.

Unbound Unite Build

Moveset: Shadow Ball, Trick.

Held Items: Muscle Band, Energy Amplifier, Buddy Barrier.

Battle Item: X Attack.

Item Effects (at Level 30):

  • Attack: +15
  • Attack Speed: +7.50%
  • HP: +600
  • Cooldown: -4.50%
  • Unite Move Charge Rate: +6%

This build is focused on attacking enemies. Using Rings Unbound this Pokemon can temporarily turn into an offensive hero and using Trick and Shadow Ball you can significantly reduce the enemy’s SP and thereby deal more damage. With Muscle Band, you can also increase your damage and attack speed. Similarly, the rest of the equipment is aimed at making this Pokémon a strong attacker.

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Best Hoopa Build in Pokémon Unite


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