Best Hitting Settings in MLB: The Show 2022

MLB The Show 22

MLB: The Show 2022 can be a complex game at times, especially in the Road to the Show mode where you will also have to manage your career, but you should never forget that it is baseball we are talking about, so one of the most important things to focus on is hitting the ball with your bat.

The latest entry in the celebrated sports series features different settings that can make it easier, or harder, for certain players to hit the ball properly.

Here’s everything you need to know about these settings and which are the best to pick.

Best Hitting Settings in MLB: The Show 2022

MLB: The Show 2022 features three different hitting settings – Timing, Directional, and Zone. Of the three, Zone is generally considered to be the best, as it gives you the best control over where to swing the bat. But if you’re not an expert at the game, and if your knowledge of real baseball is not that good, you may have trouble using this setting.

The two other MLB: The Show 2022 hitting settings are better suited for less experienced players. Timing is definitely the best suited for newcomers, as you will only have to worry about hitting the ball. This setting, however, doesn’t allow you to influence the direction of the ball, so you will want to use any of the other two settings once your skill level has increased.

Directional setting hits the middle ground between Zone and Timing. With this setting, you will have better control of the ball’s direction but without the intricacies of the Zone setting. The level of control granted by this setting isn’t as high as that offered by Zone, so you should move onto it as soon as you start feeling more confident, as Zone is, without a doubt, the best hitting setting in MLB: The Show 2022 for high-level play.

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Best Hitting Settings in MLB: The Show 2022


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