Best Hiding Spots in Survive the Killer


There are two roles in Survive the Killer, and if you play as a survivor, then your main task is to escape from the killer’s territory along with other survivors. The time to escape is limited, and you always need to hurry, but if the killer is nearby, it is better to lose some time and hide. There are many good places to hide on the game maps, but today we will tell you about the best of them.

Best Hiding Spots in Survive the Killer

If you are far away from other survivors and the killer is nearby, you will not have time to think about where to hide. Therefore, it is better to know in advance about good places and from the very beginning of the game be not far from them. We have selected for you the best places on each game map, where you can hide and where you are most likely to survive.

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Willow Marsh

You need to find an old hut near the outskirts of the map, go around it and climb onto the roof. After that, you need to lie down and move only with the help of crawling. If you see a killer in the distance, crawl to the other side of the roof.

Dark Wood

Walk along the corridors until you see a large slab with fittings near the wall. Jump onto this slab and try to squeeze behind it. When you succeed, move a little to the side to completely hide.


Find any Christmas tree and come close to it. After that, start jumping a lot. You will be able to get through the bumps in the textures and hide high up in the tree.

Paparoni Pizaa

Find a warehouse with shelving and approach them closely. Start jumping and jump to the top of the rack. After that, go to a small platform and lie down in the very corner.

Happy Neighborhood

With the help of fences and branches, you need to get through the bumps in the textures and climb the trees. There are a lot of trees on the map and all you need to do is jump on them and lie down when the killer is around.

Water Treatment Center

Find a warehouse with high racks and jump on one of them. After that, you need to lie down and constantly crawl over the boards from one rack to another.

Rocket Ship

Find any red cabinets that are not very close to the wall. You need to rest against the wall next to the cabinets and try to squeeze sideways to hide behind them.

Night School

You need to find a small corridor in which there are racks and rusty cabinets. With the help of double jumps, climb to the very top, and you will see a passage to the ventilation. There are many places to hide in the ventilation, so this is a good place.

Haunted Mansion

Look for those places where the cabinets are in the corner of the room. You need to jump on the closet and then hide behind it. There are many such places in the house.

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Best Hiding Spots in Survive the Killer


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