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Best Heroes in Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG

Best Heroes in Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG
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Rumble Heroes is a fun-to-play adventure mobile game where you can create a party of four heroes and go on a journey to defend the sole princess of the Kingdom kidnapped by monsters. Right from the start, you will unlock new heroes, each having their own useful roles. However, as you progress through the game, the monsters become tougher, and the starter heroes may no longer be enough. That’s when you need to start thinking about upgrading your team with stronger and better heroes.

With each hero offering a unique set of skills and abilities, choosing the right combination of heroes can make all the difference in your journey. In this guide, we will be taking a look at some of the best heroes in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG.

Best Heroes to Use in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG

Like most adventure games, you will be up against puny slimes and wolves in Rumble Heroes: Adventure RPG. But soon, you will find tank-sized bosses and crazy dungeons that require proper teams to clear through. The best thing about Rumble Heroes, as you might take an easy guess from its name, is its vast array of heroes. Obtaining any of these great heroes early game will help you progress faster:

#1 – Crow Bibi

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Crow Bibi is an Intellect hero and one of the best support characters in Rumble Heroes. Her first skill, Curse of Crows, spawns a bunch of crows to attack enemies while also providing a debuff effect that makes them receive more damage. Crow Bibi’s second skill adds AOE damage to her attacks, allowing her to attack any enemy in front of her.

#2 – Feather Corbin

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Feather Corbin is an Agility hero whose piercing damage is perfect against hordes of enemies. His first skill, Feather Burst Fire, shoots two features with piercing damage from a safe distance. After upgrading Feather Corbin to level 10, you will unlock his second skill, Poisonous Deal, which deals AOE damage and inflicts the Poison status effect on all enemies in range.

#3 – Nurse Ivy

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Healers are a kind of necessity in Rumble Heroes. Most of the time, you will be in a straight brawl out where avoiding damage is impossible. Running a healer on the team will help you focus on attacking instead of worrying about your heroes’ health. Among the many healers available in the game, Nurse Ivy stands out as one of the best. Both of her skills are dedicated to healing her teammates.

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#4 – Big Sword Gray

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Big Sword Gray is a melee Strength unit who excels in close combat fights. With him, you will be able to take close fights with enemies. His giant sword allows him to hit multiple enemies at the same time. After unlocking upgrades on his second skill, Big Earthquake, Big Sword Guy can also inflict the knockback effect on enemies.

#5 – Spear Kelly

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Spear Kelly is an Agility Hero just like Feather Corbin. Her skill, Spear Throw, also has a piercing effect to kill groups of enemies instantly. After mastering the Tornado Spear skill, she gains the ability to control crowds of enemies by pulling them towards her.

These are some great heroes to play in Rumble Heroes. We haven’t included Legendary heroes as they are super hard to get without spending. All Legendary heroes are quite powerful and worth using if you are able to get one.

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Best Heroes in Rumble Heroes : Adventure RPG