When you want to assemble a good team, there is always a role that is super important and should never be overlooked – the support role. Today we’re going to take a look at all the best healers in Princess Connect Re: Dive and help you pick some of the best ones depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Since many things depend on how strong your characters are (stars, level, gear) you want to look for units that you can easily star up. Otherwise, you want to get a healer that will have a strong enough heal even if they are not maxed out (because let’s be serious, nobody starts off with a maxed out character).

So, if you want to know who are the best healers in Priconne R, then let’s check them out!


Yui is an amazing unit, and at max rank, she is an absolute must-have. She also grants allies buffs once she’s maxed, increasing their Physical DEF, AS, and grants them a shield. I recommend you go ahead and farm for her shards since eventually, she’s definitely a great unit you can use for anything.


Another amazing healer, Yukari is able to boost the TP, and on top of a really great heal, she also has a shield that can be a real game-changer. Although she starts off as a 1* unit, you can definitely max her out by getting her shards from the Dungeon Shop (although you might want Nozomi first).


She is a really great support unit, and the heals she provides are also pretty decent. Add that to the fact that she’s also buffing allies’ DEF, TP, and gives an Attack buff, and you’ve got yourself a great unit.


Misato can work great for a Magic team since her kit provides Magic DEF, Magic Attack and Magic Crit to allies, as well as plenty of heals. She can be a great unit to use for clearing out story stages, but for Arena and Clan Battles you might want to use someone else.

NY Yui

Although she’s a limited unit, she is really great if you managed to get her or if you plan on getting her (next chance you get). She has HP recovery over time, as well as Magic Attack buff (for allies) and a barrier to protect allies from taking damage. Overall, she’s a unit worth investing in.

Do you recommend any other healers? Let us know down in the comments section below which ones you find useful and why – in the meantime, make sure you check out who are some of the best tanks in Princess Connect Re: Dive to assemble a solid front line!

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