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Best Gyroscope Sensitivity to use in PUBG Mobile

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity to use in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Fights in PUBG Mobile are relatively fast and players have to be pretty good with their aim and reflexes to dominate their opponent. While playing PUBG Mobile, players get access to an extensive collection of weapons like Assault Rifles, Snipers, SMGs, and Shotguns, and they must know how to control the recoil of each weapon. For better control over the gun, it’s necessary to use the right sensitivity settings to never screw up on the battleground.

Keeping aside the standard sensitivity, PUBG Mobile also allows its players to use the Gyroscope sensor in order to control the weapon’s recoil. For those who don’t know, Gyroscope sensor in smartphone tracks the device’s movement and helps with horizontal and vertical movement without using thumbs or fingers.

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Initially, it might sound awkward to play PUBG Mobile without using fingers but eventually, it ends up being the most convenient way to play the game. To help you find a correct Gyroscope sensitivity, we have arranged a set of relevant settings to use while playing PUBG Mobile.

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile

  • 3rd Person No Scope: 235%
  • 1st Person No Scope: 235%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 300%
  • 2x scope: 300%
  • 3x scope: 272%
  • 4x ACOG scope, VSS: 255%
  • 6x scope: 93%
  • 8x scope: 93%

Before applying these settings, make sure the Gyroscope feature is enabled in the game settings. One can enable it by navigating to the game settings and set the Gyroscope to ‘Always on‘.

It’s also worth noting that only sensitivity settings can’t do it all for you. Make sure to practice in the training session and alter the gyroscope sensitivity a bit by using different weapons in the game mode.

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Best Gyroscope Sensitivity to use in PUBG Mobile


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