Pixel Gun 3D is a widely popular first-person shooter game that features more than 800 plus guns, forty useful tools and gadgets, more than a hundred game maps, ten game modes, ten mini-games and much more.

Selecting the best guns in Pixel Gun 3D is a super hard task for a single person. As we mentioned earlier, the game features more than eight hundred guns and we alone cannot try them all out to decide the best guns. So we went with the Pixel Gun 3D community recommendation and list of best guns.

With that being said, let us check out the list of some of the best guns available in Pixel Gun 3D.

Best guns in Pixel Gun 3D

Here are some of the best guns in Pixel Gun 3D decided by the game’s community itself.

  • Laser Minigun
    • Pros – High damage, Big mag size.
    • Cons – Low accuracy, bad for stealth.
  • Prototype Up2
    • Pros – High damage, large scope magnification, one-shot kill.
    • Cons – requires skill, low ammo.
  • Automatic Peacemaker UP2
    • Pros – Good Damage, Big mag size, High fire rate, bullets don’t spread a lot.
    • Cons – Not that good at the long-range.
  • Hellraiser UP2
    • Pros – High damage, 4x Scope, good mobility.
    • Cons – high recoil.
  • Dragon Breath
    • Pros – Good for both long and short-range.
    • Cons – expensive.
  • Excalibur
    • Pros – High damage, Big mag size, Armor bonus, high fire rate.
    • Cons – N/A.
  • Crystal Fast Death
    • Pros – High damage, Big mag size, High fire rate, Lethal, Less expensive.
    • Cons – Not good at high levels.
  • Anime Scythe
    • Pros – High damage, Shots deal AoE damage.
    • Cons – Expensive, Mediocre bullet travel time.
  • Anti Hero Rifle
    • Pros – Shoot through enemies and walls.
    • Cons – Expensive.
  • Anti Gravity Gun
    • Pros – Good for survival and Campaign modes.
    • Cons – Low fire rate, Not efficient in multiplayer.

Pixel Gun 3D is a first person multiplayer shooter game currently available on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms.

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Best Guns in Pixel Gun 3D


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