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Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 10

Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 10
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Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best free-to-play first-person shooters for mobile devices. It is a very competitive multiplayer game where you have to fight against lots of other players. There is a huge amount of variable equipment and perks and one of the most important pieces is your weapon. It determines your entire build and knowing the good weapons for the current meta is a crucial skill that allows you to get an advantage. If you seek a good gun then we are going to help you. This guide will tell you about the best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 Best Guns

Call of Duty Mobile is a mobile free-to-play first-person shooter with lots of players to compete with. There are many different weapons and choosing a good one will allow you to get a small advantage over those who use non-meta guns. Our list is going to be divided into a few categories for each class of guns. Also, this article is about Season 10. So, the situation with balance may change in the next seasons. The full list of best guns is next:

Best Assault Rifles

  • Man­–O–War – It is a great assault rifle with high DPS and very good recoil-control. This weapon sometimes feels like a laser.
  • M13 – This is another good rifle with low recoil and high damage.

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Best SMGs

  • QQ9 – This is a great sub-machine gun with excellent stats. You can make a lot of different builds by customizing this weapon.

Best Sniper Rifles

  • DLQ33 – This is one of the best sniper rifles in the game with good potential to kill an enemy with a single shot.
  • Locus – This one is a very good rifle with high recoil being the only problem of this gun.

Best LMGs

  • Chopper – This is a very good light machine gun with high damage, low recoil, and a good fire rate.

Best Shotguns

  • R9-0 – This is your best option if you want to fight at a close distance. It is a shotgun with high damage, huge ammunition capacity, and the ability to make two shots before you have to pump it.

These are the best guns in COD Mobile’s current season! Good luck.

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Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 10


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