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Best Guest Assistants in Honkai Star Rail

Best Guest Assistants in Honkai Star Rail
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In Honkai Star Rails newest event, players can bring in assistants to help them on their path as a museum curator. There are a ton of characters you can recruit, all of them connected to Belabog in some way. Each one has different stats and strengths to help you out with. Some of them are better for certain parts, some have one specific strength while others are strong in all areas. These are the best guest assistants in Honkai Star Rail.

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How To Hire Guest Assistants in Honkai Star Rail

Hiring characters is a very simple process. After you start the event, seek out the characters you want to be assistants. They are usually where their base is, for example, you’ll find Serval at her shop and Hook in Boulder Town or Natasha at the clinic. After you speak to them, go back to the museum and talk to Eris. Afterwards, you’ll go to interview the character in the rest area.

How To Play The Museum Event in Honkai Star Rail

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Throughout the event, your goal is to boost your Tour Duration, Educational Value, and Visitor Promotion. Each one of the assistants specializes in boosting these, so you’ll want to choose based on that. You’ll pick three of your recruited assistants to volunteer at the museum for a period of time and the better their skills are, the better score you’ll get. You’ll get monetary rewards, which you can use to upgrade the different aspects of the museum.

Best Guest Assistants For The Museum Event


If you want someone who is solid at Visitor Promotion, definitely choose Bronya. She’s also good at Tour Guidance, but not so much at Educational Materials. You can unlock her for your cause by completing the third part of the events main story.


Pela is one of the first characters you’ll automatically unlock. Since she specializes in all the fields, you can use her to boost your score up quickly in the beginning. She may however become less useful later if you have to focus on one component, especially since her stats are lower compared to other characters you can unlock later.


Seele is one of the characters you can unlock outside of the story through the hiring process. She’s quite good for Tour Guidance and Educational Materials but avoid her if you want to boost Visitor Promotion. You can find Seele in the Great Mine to recruit.


Who would ever think Sampo with the questionable morals would be a man of the arts? Ah well, stranger things have happened. Our shady but charismatic businessman is very good for improving Educational Materials and Tour Guidance, arguably the best in fact. You can unlock him by finishing the fourth part of the story.


Another great character to bring in through the recruiting process is Hook, beloved leader of the Moles. She has no use when it comes to Educational Materials but makes up for it by being fantastic at Visitor Promotion and Tour Guidance. You can recruit her by finding her in Boulder Town.

The museum event runs until the 26th, so make sure to unlock it quick and start playing today!

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Best Guest Assistants in Honkai Star Rail