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Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – Guide

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – Guide
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Dust 2, the successor of Dust, is the most iconic and popular map in the history of Counter Strike. It is also one of the most commonly played maps in CS: GO. If you are new to CS: GO and are hoping to increase your ranks, then you should learn some common grenade spots in Dust 2, as it has the most active player base. In this guide, we have shared some useful and common grenade locations in Dust 2.

What are the Best Spots for Throwing Grenades in Dust 2

In Counter Strike, we use flashbangs, smoke grenades, frag grenades, and molotovs/incendiary grenades. Players are recommended to learn different spots for each grenade. Let us first look at common spots for frag grenades:

Flashbang Locations

Flashbangs are crucial in almost every FPS games. It helps you take entry into bomb sites and blind enemies holding close angles in locations like A long, mid doors, cat, etc. Here are some excellent flashbang spots to use in Dust 2:

1) Terrorist Long Flash

Terrorist Long Flash

Before pushing through the long doors, you can help your team by jump-throwing a flash over the doors. This can be done while sprinting towards the car. It can save your teammates or yourself from enemies peaking in A long.

2) Terrorist Mid Pop Flash

Terrorist Mid Pop Flash

Mid doors is a common spot for CT AWPers in Dust 2. Terrorists need to be careful when peaking mid and trying to cross cat or mid doors. If you want to surprise the AWPer, you can do a pop flash from behind the xbox in the mid doors.

3) B site CT Retake Flash

B site CT Retake Flash

Knowing retake flashes can help you turn a round in favour of counter-terrorists. You can perform a simple retake flash by bouncing the flashbang off the window wall. You can also ask your teammate to perform another flash by throwing a flashbang over the wall.

Smoke Locations

Knowing some basic smoke lineups on Dust 2 can help you in the long run. Smokes are perfect for confusing enemies and blocking their vision for longer than flashbangs. Here are some essential smokes you need to know in Dust 2:

1) Terrorist Mid Xbox Smoke


You can perform this smoke from terrorist’s spawn location. It blocks any enemy guarding mid doors and helps your team safely walk up to the cat. We suggest watching the above video to learn this smoke lineup.

2) A Ramp Cross Smoke

A Ramp Cross Smoke

It would help if you smoked off the ramp area near CT spawn when entering A site. It will help you and your team enter the site without fighting enemies coming from the B site.

3) Mid Xbox to CT Spawn Smoke

Xbox to CT Spawn Smoke
Place your crosshair here

This smoke is used for moving to B site from mid doors. It blocks the view of any enemy defending A site. Go to the extreme right corner of Xbox in mid and throw the smoke after placing your crosshair on the spot above the black line on the wall.

Frag Grenade and Molotov Spots

Normally, frag grenades are used to clear areas where an enemy could be hiding. Molotovs and incendiary grenades are also used for clearing corners and preventing enemies from pushing. Both of these grenades are pretty much situational.

Sometimes, the enemy can hide in the back plat, behind the car, mid doors, or other areas. You will have to use frag grenades and molotovs by reading the enemy’s movements and positions.

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Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2 – Guide


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