Best Graphics Settings in Black Desert Online


Graphics is one of the most influential game parts. Some people enjoy playing games only because of their graphic content. Black Desert can boast impressive graphics. However, is it rational to do the maximum setup? Let’s find out in our guide.

Graphics Settings in Black Desert Online

Your graphics should be set up including your goals and PC or phone capability. If you want to enjoy the free world and have a strong phone, just set all the options at maximum and you will enjoy the game. However, if you want to reach the best FPS result and observe an eye-catching view, you need to know some tricks.

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Settings are divided into 3 groups. The first is the list of settings you need to deactivate in order to play faster. It includes high-end graphics, anti-aliasing, auto-frame optimization, low-power options, and attack decisions. 

The second group is 3 settings that are FPS affecting. You need advice on it, and here they are:

  • Texture quality. You need to set it at the medium level. The point is that low or high would strongly affect the clarity. And the medium greatly affects the renders and the graphic overall.
  • Graphics affect your FPS more than any other settings. Thus, you must select it, including what your device can handle. Generally, optimal/medium are recommended settings you can opt for.
  • SSAO. This is one of the most uncertain characteristics. If you love to fight, then you have to definitely disable SSAO, you do not need it. If you are risky or have a powerful PC, keep the shadows around.

The third and the last group are the settings you need to configure as you wish. They don’t really affect game graphics or productivity. And this list includes all other settings that are not described previously.

That is all with settings in Black Desert Online. Hope you find this guide helpful.

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Best Graphics Settings in Black Desert Online


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