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Best Genshin Impact Gorou Build

Best Genshin Impact Gorou Build
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In Genshin Impact, players can obtain tons of unique characters. Some characters are focused on damaging enemies, while others are all about supporting teammates. Gorou, the Watatsumi Army’s general, is a supporting character for Geo element characters. This guide showcases the best build for Gorou in Genshin Impact.

How to Build Gorou in Genshin Impact

Best Weapons for Gorou

For Gorou, the best weapon in Genshin Impact is Favonius Warbow. This bow is given out for free; thus, everybody has a copy of it. At max level, Favonius Warbow provides 61.3% Energy Recharge, the best stat for burst support characters. Its passive generate energy particles upon a critical hit.

If Favonius Warbow is on another character, players can choose to run Sacrificial Bow on Gorou. This weapon lets you use elemental skill twice when the passive is triggered and provides a 30.6% Energy Recharge at max level.

Best Artifacts for Gorou

Gorou is the best support for defense scaling characters as his kit boosts the defense stat of teammates. Both his elemental skill and burst add defense to the currently active character. Along with defense, he also provides resistance to interruption and Geo DMG Bonus if there are multiple Geo characters in the party.

Surprisingly, the 4-star artifact set – The Exile – is probably the best set for Gorou in Genshin Impact. The 2-piece bonus effect gives a 20% Energy Recharge, which benefits any burst support character. The 4-piece effect regenerates some energy for all other teammates. Gorou will 4-piece Exile set is great support for Noelle and Itto teams.

However, as many players do not save 4-star artifacts, they may not have The Exile set. Alternatively, players can also use 4-piece Noblesse set, which buffs the party’s ATK by 20%.

As for artifact stats, players should aim for the following:

Main stat:

  • Sands: Energy Recharge%
  • Goblet: Geo DMG / DEF%
  • Circlet: Crit Rate / DEF% / Healing Bonus %

Sub stat:

  • Energy Recharge%
  • DEF%
  • Crit Rate

Stacking defense on Gorou’s artifacts is only recommended if his fourth constellation is enabled, which allows him to heal his teammates. Players can use Healing Bonus circlet to improve Gorou’s healing. Please remember that Gorou also needs some Crit Rate to trigger Favonius Warbow’s passive.

This completes our Genshin Impact Gorou guide. If you have any doubt regarding him, feel free to ask in the comments!

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Best Genshin Impact Gorou Build


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