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Best Furniture Mods for Minecraft PE

Best Furniture Mods for Minecraft PE
Minecraft Furniture mods (Image credit: BONY 162 )
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Looking for cool furniture mods for Minecraft PE? You are at the right place! Minecraft creates vast sandbox worlds with a variety of blocks and items. Many players love creating beautiful buildings like castles, pyramids, cities, etc. Even though Minecraft is primarily about building, there is a severe lack of furniture.

Players interested in furnishing their builds are forced to use existing blocks as furniture or download furniture mods. We have created a list of the best Minecraft furniture mods for mobile devices. Without further ado, let’s check them out:

Minecraft PE Furniture Mods

1) Furnicraft 3D Block Addon


Furnicraft is easily one of the best furniture mods for Minecraft PE. It introduces over 500 different pieces of furniture for all your special needs. Want to decorate your living room? Or perhaps add utensils to your kitchen? This mod has got almost every piece of furniture one may wish for in Minecraft.

Every furniture in Furnicraft is a 3D model, meaning players can rotate them in different directions. Some furniture like tables, chairs, and sofas are functional as well. Players can craft furniture in Furnicraft using a furniture bench. It is created by combining a crafting table and clay for furniture, crafted using clay, red, blue, and green day.

Download Furnicraft from here.

2) BONY162 Furniture Addon

This addon adds various modern furniture and appliances like TVs, lamps, stoves, toasters, gumball machines, and many more. The best thing about the BONY162 Furniture addon is that most furniture is completely working blocks and are not just a remodel of existing Minecraft blocks.

Players can obtain furniture in this addon by trading with wandering traders. All modded blocks and items are also available in the creative inventory.

Download BONY162 Furniture Addon from here.

3) Umäk: Retro Furniture

Umäk: Retro Furniture

This mod brings retro-styled furniture to Minecraft PE. All furniture in Umäk: Retro Furniture has clean and beautiful textures. This mod has unique accessories for decorating rooms, like game console, trophy, boombox, small plants, and more. You can get all furniture using creative menu or by crafting UmäkMart, an in-game store for purchasing furniture.

Download Umäk: Retro Furniture from here.

4) Lance Furniture

Lance Furniture

Lance Furniture introduces many modern furniture and appliances like microwave, waffle maker, coffee maker, gaming chair, security cameras, television with 4 working channels and more. It is a fantastic mod for players who want to create a modern house in Minecraft.

Download Lance Furniture from here.

5) Remon Furniture

Remon Furniture has a wide selection of furniture for decorations, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and more. Most importantly, this mod features a special item called color spray to let you change the color of any furniture. There are 16 different color sprays, just like dye colors in Minecraft. Players can get furniture and color sprays by placing sticks and stones in stonecutter.

Download Remon Furniture from here.

These furniture mods will help you decorate your Minecraft base in a better way. If you have any other mod suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments!

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Best Furniture Mods for Minecraft PE


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