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Minecraft Pocket Edition: Best Mods and How to Install Them

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Best Mods and How to Install Them
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Minecraft for iOS and Android is a massive game in its own right, with plenty of adventures to go on and lots of mobs to fight. Players who have already conquered the Ender Dragon and completed the entire game may be looking for things to do, and that’s where mods and add-ons come in!

Minecraft Pocket Edition has a plethora of fun community add-on maps with custom challenges, and today we’ll be showcasing the best of the best in our Minecraft Pocket Edition best mods and how to install them guide!

How to Use Mods and Add-Ons

If you’re new to the Minecraft modding scene, you may be wondering what exactly mods and add-ons are. Mod is short for modification and they are used primarily in the Java version of Minecraft. Add-ons are the same thing but they are for the “Bedrock” version, which is basically any version of Minecraft that isn’t the Java edition.

Since Minecraft Pocket Edition is the Bedrock version of Minecraft, we’ll be talking about add-ons. Add-ons are expansion packs that can add all sorts of new things to the world of Minecraft, including new mobs, new biomes, new tools and weapons, and more! They’re a great way to give Minecraft a new spin once you’ve done everything in the base game.

To install an add-on pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition, you must go to the marketplace from the main menu. You’ll see four buttons: skin packs, worlds, texture packs, and mash-up packs. Primarily the add-ons that change Minecraft will be in the worlds section.

All add-ons must be purchased with minecoins, the premium currency of Minecraft Pocket Edition. World add-ons can range anywhere from 600 to 2,000 coins, which is about $15 USD. Once you purchase an add-on, you can enable it when you’re creating a new world through the behavior packs menu.

Which add-on packs are worth your time? We have a bunch of high rated add-ons here for you, so read on to make sure you get your money’s worth!

Animal Life by Pathway Studios

Ever wanted to become a zookeeper in Minecraft? Well now’s your chance with Pathway Studios’ latest add-on pack, Animal Life! In this pack players will take on the role of a newly appointed zookeper in charge of a beautiful bustling with all kinda of animals.

Animal Life contains a world with a pre-built zoo in it. As the zookeper, players will take on tasks from the zoo headmasters which involve fun challenging feats, like riding elephants and even feeding a crocodile by hand!

Play with and feed tall giraffes, mighty elephants, cute penguins, speedy lions, agile gorillas, and more! Each animal has its own unique model and animation, so this one is for the animal lovers out there.

This pack also comes five animal-themed skins for players to use as well!

Advanced Dragons 2 by Pixelbiester

Advanced Dragons 2 puts players in the shoes of a dragon rider. Collect your own dragon egg and take care of it until it hatches, and then raise your little whelp into a mighty dragon!

Choose from a variety of colors, and then equip your dragon with saddle and armor, then ride it into battle. Advanced Dragons 2 features over 20 different species each with their own abilities and upgrades.

Advanced Dragons 2 features with a pre-built world that is yours to explore and conquer. Dark dungeons await you, so storm them with your dragon friend and take out monsters in epic battles.

Advanced Dragons 2 also comes with an original soundtrack that is meant to draw you into the fantasy medieval world of dragons!

Dream Island – Madeira by Pixelbiester

Welcome to Madeira, the dream island where anyone can do anything they want! In this life simulator world, players will become a resident of Madeira and discover the beautiful island’s sights and sounds.

Dream Island Madeira is the perfect game for players who want to chill and hang out with their friends or roleplay. There are no high-intensity fights or battles here, just simple hanging out.

Explore Madeira and talk with the local townspeople to learn about the island’s history. Buy a dog and take it for a walk, or decorate your own little villa for others to see. Take advantage of the local transportation to get around the island quicker – there are buses, planes, cars, bikes, and boats waiting to be used!

Grand Prix by Lifeboat

Kick it into high gear with Grand Prix, a survival spawn add-on that puts players behind the wheels of super fast formula one cars! Race against your friends or computer opponents in blistering fast races!

Grand Prix is the premiere racing add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Have free races for up to eight humans players for fast fun, or go against the bots to see who can beat the computers.

Grand Prix even comes with a custom racetrack building mode where players can opt to create their own tracks. The provided tools are very robust, so you can make some pretty detailed tracks!

Underwater Base by Lifeboat

Dive into the blue unknown with Lifeboat’s Underwater Base add-on, a comprehensive underwater themed pack. Build submersible vehicles to light the way and discover what lies below the surface, and build your own underwater hideout!

Underwater Base adds plenty of new underwater mobs for players to discover, including jellyfish, sharks, and of course a massive beast that lies only at the deepest reaches of the ocean.

The base comes with eight rooms that can be customized to your liking, and you can even rearrange stuff inside. The underwater base can hold your vehicles for safekeeping until they are needed.

Explore the abyss with a deep sea submarine, or skirt across the water’s edge with a turbo-charged jet ski. The ocean is yours in Underwater Base!

Last Stand by Everbloom Games

It’s you and your friends against the never-ending horde of monsters in Last Stand, a survival map by Everbloom Games. Choose from ten different arenas and see how long you can last against massive waves of mobs!

While the standard co-op mode is hectic fun on its own, Last Stand also features a unique mode called “Mob Master” in which a fifth player assumes the titular role and indirectly controls the mobs!

This mode can lead to some intense moments as the Mob Master can use up to 25 special weapons and traps to hinder and impair the survivors. Can you survive against one of your friends who has turned on you!?

Ninjas of Zombie City by Noxcrew

The city is overrun with zombies, and any normal person would have been dinner by now… thankfully you’re no ordinary citizen – you’re a master ninja!

Noxcrew’s Ninjas of Zombie City puts players in a massive cityscape armed with signature ninja tools of the trade. Jump and glide through a playground full of objects to interact with and of course plenty of zombies to smash!

There’s plenty of crazy mutated zombies wandering the streets, so brandish your katanas and get ready to chop them to pieces. Don’t forget to utilize traps and items – toss explosive barrels into hordes of zombies, or defend a position with a sawblade trap!

Ninja of Zombie City provides endless fast-paced fun where creativity is the name of the game, as the add-on provides players with plenty of tools to take out the green zombie menace.

That’s our list of what we think the best mods are for Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you have any other suggestions you’d like to see mentioned, let us know in the comments below!

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