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Best Fire Units in Pokémon Stadium

Best Fire Units in Pokémon Stadium

Fire-type Pokémon are as nostalgic as the games themselves, having been among the very first types to exist. And the iconic Fire-types from the first generation, which are still popular to this day, are also available in Pokémon Stadium—the Nintendo 64 classic that recently made its way to the Nintendo Switch.

Because the three starter options are always a Fire-type, a Water-type, and a Grass-type, they are often a person’s first Pokémon. Most of them are strong units as well. But if you’re looking for the strongest among them, these are the best Fire units in Pokémon Stadium.


Arcanine from Pokemon.
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Beneath the fluff and majesty, Arcanine is a Pokémon who never truly goes out of style. It has a decent HP bar, and while its moves will vary from section to section in the game, they are always good, ranging from Dragon Rage to Dig. With high attack and HP, you can’t go wrong using this good boy.

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Rapidash from Pokemon.
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Rapidash is a must for its high speed, but it also has the advantage of the move Toxic when used in the Gym Leader Castle. In battles like this, where the number of units you get is limited, relying on moves that deal gradual damage is very important. And Toxic deals severe Poison damage that takes off chunks of HP every turn. While not the most tanky Pokémon, it certainly gets the job done.


Charizard from Pokemon
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There are mixed opinions on Charizard as a whole: some feel like it’s an overrated battler, while others refuse to believe it’s nothing less than perfect. The Stadium version is pretty useful because in some challenges, it can use the move Fly, which gives it a free chance to dodge a move and then attack. This comes in handy when your HP is low, and you need an emergency evade.


Magmar from Pokemon
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Magmar is an excellent DPS option, having high stats in all areas except defense. With moves like Psychic, Fire Punch, Strength, Confuse Ray and Smokescreen, it’s a very balanced unit. Whether you need it to attack, stall, or reduce stats, Magmar can do it all. It is prone to taking a lot of damage, but it hits hard enough to cancel it out most of the time.


Moltres from Pokemon
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The deeper you get into a challenge in Stadium, the more difficulties are thrown at you. And you, of course, must counter this by bringing the strongest units you can. When it comes to Fire-types, there is no better option than Moltres, a member of the very first legendary trio. With high stats in all fields, and moves that deal damage no matter the Pokémon, it is your key to winning.

Face the challenges of a Master Trainer’s life with these units by your side in Pokémon Stadium, which you can play with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.

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Best Fire Units in Pokémon Stadium


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